York County in for 'plowable snow' next week

Harper Ho
York Dispatch
Royer's Flowers employee Woody Felty clears the walkway at the shop on Route 30 in York during a snow shower Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020. Snow fell throughout York County most of the afternoon. Bill Kalina photo

Central Pennsylvania could see its first major snowfall of winter next week.

Meteorologists are predicting potential snowstorms for York County on Monday and Wednesday.

"It looks like a wintery weather for next week ... from what we have seen so far," said National Weather Service meteorologist Craig Evanego.

He said while the accumulation amount is still up in the air, there's a "good chance for plowable snow" Wednesday.

AccuWeather meteorologist Tom Kines said people should still be concerned about Monday's storm, which will include rain and snow.

"That one, temperatures are going to be very marginal," Kines said. "Right now, we're thinking temperatures will be maybe a couple or few degrees above freezing."

Monday's system is a quick moving wave of low pressure that comes from the deep south and slides off the Carolina Coast, according to the meteorologists.

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Wednesday's storm will be colder, a slower-moving system that carries more moisture and will last longer, the meteorologist said, which will come later Wednesday and move out about Thursday afternoon.

"That's going to be a colder storm. That's going to be snow. And there's going to be a potential for a lot of it," Kines said. "It could be several inches out of that storm. Certainly enough to be shoveling and plowing and all that fun stuff."

Evanego said depending on how much snow the area gets Monday, the storm on Wednesday means the lower Susquehanna valley shall see it's first major snowfall heading into Christmas. 

The meteorologist said last winter was a more quiet winter as there wasn't a lot of snow.

"Everybody needs to know where their snow shovels are," Kines said. "If you have to do any shopping in the next few days, then Sunday is the best day and probably Tuesday."