Expect colder temperatures for the rest of the weekend.


It’s a uniquely balmy February day in York.

The National Weather Service in State College confirmed that York reached an average temperature of 75 degrees, a new record high for today. “And it’s still rising,” said Paul Agad, a forecaster at the National Weather Service in State College.

“We haven’t sent out a record event report because we still expect it to go up,” Agad said. The National Weather Service is expecting temperatures to peak at 4 p.m. at an especially balmy 77 degrees.

The previous high on this day in York was 70 degrees and was set back in 2000.

Agad said that the reason for the warm front is a high pressure system coming from the mid-southern Atlantic, known as the Bermuda High, that has moved toward the Northeast.

So how long will the warm weather last? “It’ll last for about another 12 hours,” Agad said.

After today’s summer-like day, expect colder temperatures for the rest of the weekend. Thunderstorms and strong winds are possible on Saturday and Sunday will be clear but cool with a high of 46 degrees, according to the latest forecast from the National Weather Service.

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