Rain and thunderstorms possible Memorial Day afternoon

Katherine Ranzenberger

It probably won't rain on anyone's parade this morning in York County for Memorial Day, but there is the possibility of some thunderstorms forming this afternoon, according to meteorologists in State College.


The National Weather Service posted a hazardous weather outlook Monday morning for York County. A cold front moving through has the potential to create some severe thunderstorms in the area.

"We're looking at a 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon," said David Martin, forecaster with the NWS in State College. "It doesn't look too widespread, but just keep an eye on the sky."

AccuWeather meteorologist Evan Duffey said as the sun shines on the clouds, there's a chance of isolated thunderstorms forming around the area.

"The humidity is still higher, so it increases the chances," Duffey said.

Both men emphasized keeping an eye on the sky and watching for weather changes. If there's thunder, head inside for that picnic.

Many will be outside this afternoon, enjoying the warm weather and scattered sunshine. However, Martin said people need to remember to stay hydrated while enjoying the day off.

"Drink plenty of water and make sure to wear sunscreen," he said.

Duffey reiterated the sunscreen remark, reminding people that even though it may be cloudy, ultraviolet rays can still make it through cloud cover and cause sunburns.

"We're not acclimated to the warm weather yet," Duffey said. "Some of the worst sunburns I've ever gotten have been on cloudy days."

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