This weekend, York County residents can expect “brutally cold conditions,” according to the National Weather Service in State College.

Temperatures will be around zero, with wind chills of minus 5 to minus 10 degrees, said Matt Steinbugl, a weather service meteorologist.

“The peak of the cold will be Saturday night into Sunday,” he said. “It’ll leave some impact going into next week. There’s an increased risk for frostbite and hypothermia.”

Skin exposed to the air at such low temperatures can get frostbite after 30 minutes, Steinbugl said. He advised staying inside and keeping pets inside as well.

“If you’re worried about your pipes freezing, keep a trickle of water going through a faucet,” he said. “There could also be an increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning because of alternative ways of heating. You don’t want to run a generator in your house.”

York County Commissioners, the York County Office of Emergency Management and Area Agency on Aging sent out a press release Thursday asking people to check on their elderly neighbors during the cold snap.

The Area Agency on Aging staff is contacting seniors who receive services to ensure they have adequate heat, medications and food, the press release reads.

“But that only accounts for a portion of the seniors and other vulnerable populations, such as the disabled and young children, that are at increased risk in such cold temperatures,” Commissioner Doug Hoke said in the press release. “If you know someone who might need some help, please make a quick phone call or visit to ensure they’re OK.”

While both the weather service and the York County Commissioners recommend staying inside this weekend to keep warm, some workers can’t afford to follow that advice.

Sam Kilgore, an operator with York Excavating, said he wears at least four layers to stay warm while working on a site near Buffalo Wild Wings on Town Center Drive in West Manchester Township.

“Boss bought us coffee this morning to stay warm,” the York man said. “You do what you can to stay warm. Grow your beard longer.”

The cold weather can be rough on equipment, Kilgore said, gelling the diesel inside and making it difficult to use. The crew doesn’t work most weekends, he said, and he’s planning to use this weekend to stay inside.

“Stay in. Don’t go out,” Kilgore suggested for people. “If you have to go out, keep all your skin covered.”

This cold weather won’t last forever, though. The cold snap should break by Monday, Steinbugl said.

"Through next week, this is going to warm up into the 30s and 40s,” he said.

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