Video of Ravens QB Lamar Jackson jumping over Jet Ski creates social-media stir

The Baltimore Sun (TNS)
Lamar Jackson

These probably aren’t the offseason workouts the Baltimore Ravens want Lamar Jackson organizing.

The league’s reigning Most Valuable Player shared a video Sunday on Instagram of a mad dash in a pick-up beach football game. It has all the hallmarks of a Jackson scramble: He drops back to pass, pump-fakes a defender and then takes off, kicking up sand with every step.

As Jackson reaches the edge of the beach, another defender approaches, and Jackson veers into the water. His momentum takes him into the path of a stationary Jet Ski, which he clears with ease. The video ends with a soaked Jackson — and probably a first down.

The video quickly went viral on social media, with critics saying Jackson was risking his health. In 1999, New England Patriots running back Robert Edwards suffered a serious knee injury during a flag football game for NFL rookies on a Honolulu beach. The Kansas City Chiefs, meanwhile, had quarterback Patrick Mahomes stop playing basketball after video of an offseason pick-up game emerged.

Jackson is fine, according to ESPN. With his name now attached to the “Madden” video game series, he might want to be extra careful.