Pittsburgh Steelers lag well behind Baltimore Ravens in odds to win AFC North

(Greensburg) Tribune-Review (TNS)

The Baltimore Ravens remain a heavy favorite to win the AFC North this season — assuming it is played at all — but the Pittsburgh Steelers are by far the No. 2 choice.

According to odds released on FoxBet.com, the reigning division champions are a 3-to-5 pick to win the AFC North for a third consecutive year. Among the lines posted for any of the eight NFL divisions, only the Kansas City Chiefs (1-to-5 to win the AFC West) are considered more of a sure bet.

The Steelers are at 5-to-2, meaning a $2 bet would return $5 in winnings. After much hoopla about them heading into last season, the Cleveland Browns are a distant third at 6-to-1. The Cincinnati Bengals (25-to-1) by far have the worst odds of winning its division of any team in the NFL, according to Fox Bet.

The only divisions without an even-money or better choice to win it are the AFC South and NFC North. Fox Bet installed the Indianapolis Colts (3-to-2) as a narrow choice over the Tennessee Titans (8-to-5) as the betting pick, while the NFC North gambling choice is the Green Bay Packers (3-to-2) in lieu of the Minnesota Vikings (8-to-5).