Baltimore Ravens' huge win helps bettor take home a huge payday


The Ravens weren’t the only big winners Sunday: A bettor made a risky wager on the game, netting $600,000.

According to The Action Network, a bettor at PointsBet wagered $30,000 a point on the Ravens, who were 7-point favorites in the matchup with the Dolphins in Miami. The better could win or lose a maximum of $600,000.

This is how it works, according to PointsBet: If the spread is covered, you win 1 times your bet amount. For every point a team surpasses the spread, you multiply your winnings by that number of points. It works the same way if you lose against the spread.

The Ravens, of course, scored eight touchdowns on the way to their 59-10 victory. It’s lucky for PointsBet that there was a $600,000 cap. Without the cap, the bettor could’ve won $1,290,000.