Report alleges ex-Red Land star Steve Keim lied to cops about job with Arizona Cardinals

The Charlotte Observer (TNS)
  • Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim was recently stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence.
  • Keim is a former York County resident who starred in football at Red Land High School.
  • Keim allegedly gave misleading information to police after his DUI stop.

A former York County resident has run into trouble with the law in Arizona.

Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim allegedly gave police misleading information after being stopped for driving under the influence. AP FILE PHOTO

A newly released police report alleges Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim gave misleading information to Arizona cops after being stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence on July 4.

Keim is a former standout offensive lineman at Red Land High School who later excelled at North Carolina State.

According to the report, Keim identified himself as "director of security for the Arizona Cardinals."

He also refused to take a preliminary breath test, or submit to several steps of field sobriety testing, saying he had a pre-existing knee injury, according to a police report.

Keim was pulled over shortly after midnight on July 4 and arrested after an officer allegedly saw his pickup drifting between traffic lanes and nearly hit a curb while traveling through the Phoenix suburb of Chandler, the Associated Press reported earlier this week.

The Chandler Police Department's report, posted online now, verifies those details and says Keim smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. He also swayed at some points while talking to the officer, the report says.

Keim told the officer he had consumed two beers, one to two hours prior to being stopped and he denied using medication or drugs, the report says.

Two sets of handcuffs had to be used, due to the width of Keim's shoulders, the report says.

Sports Illustrated is reporting Keim was convicted of DUI in 1996.

The Associated Press reports Keim has apologized for showing "incredibly poor judgment and inexcusable actions" during the incident.

Keim was named Cardinals general manager in 2013. One of his first moves was hiring York High graduate Bruce Arians as the team's head coach. Arians recently retired after a successful tenure with the Cards.

Sports Illustrated says Keim's contract with the Cardinals was recently extended through 2022.