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The North remembers: In Minnesota, they're not feeling super about invading Eagles fans

(Allentown) Morning Call (TNS)
  • The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC title game.
  • Before, during and after that game, Eagles fans reportedly acted boorish toward Vikings fans.
  • With the Super Bowl in Minnesota, the fans in that state aren't feeling kindly toward Philly fans.

The North remembers.

That was the message from Minnesota media after the Philadelphia Eagles spoiled the Minnesota Vikings’ chance to play in the Super Bowl in its hometown.

Some Philadelphia Eagles fans reportedly didn't act very kindly toward the visiting Minnesota Vikings fans during the recent NFC title game. Now many Eagles fans are visiting Minnesota for the Super Bowl, and some folks in the host city don't have many nice things to say about the invading Philadelphia fans.

More to the point, after certain Eagles fans apparently outdid themselves in acting boorishly toward Vikings supporters who attended the NFC Championship in Philadelphia.

Per reports, some cussed out grandmothers, some played target practice with full beer cans and others did nasty things with bottles filled with something other than beer.

Now the Twin Cities hosts Eagles fans attending Sunday’s Super Bowl LII. The more aggrieved commentators have indicated that they’d sooner welcome an apocalyptic horde of White Walkers.

Here are six of the most stinging denunciations:

►“I don’t know how to explain the absolute imbecility of the fan base… It’s a hellscape. It’s violent, it’s disgusting and there’s no excuse for it." Jim Souhan, Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist, on the Shaver-Souhan show the Minnesota Sports Podcast Network.

►“They’re coming here to (pee) in our backyards and take over our town….Thousands of Minnesota volunteers are going to be asked to be Minnesota nice and roll out the red carpet and be hospitable, and I have a bad feeling about the behavior and the overall vibe we’re going to feel in the next week.” Jon Krawczynski, The Athletic senior writer, on the “You Betcha’ Basketball” podcast.

►“I’m sad that they have to come to Minneapolis, because win or lose, they’re going to tear this city up. I hope the police are ready for what’s coming in here. And maybe some of the terrible ones won’t be able to afford a ticket, so they’ll stay in Philadelphia, but who knows? They’re probably the dumbest ones who are going to max out another credit card or take out a second mortgage on their house to come here. I wouldn’t be surprised.” KARE 11 sports reporter Ryan Shaver said on the Minnesota Sports Podcast Network

►“I am not sure how it became culturally acceptable in Philadelphia to behave in such a manner, but it’s a shame. I was literally embarrassed to be a human.” Craig Robertson, Vikings fans, in an open letter to the Twin Cities populace published in the Star Tribune.

►“Here’s the thing: When behavior is that bad, yes it’s the fault of the individual, and the individual should be held responsible, but it’s also a culture that’s allowed it to occur. The Eagles should be held responsible and they should be punished. The NFL should be held responsible and punished. Well, no one can punish the NFL, because they’re more powerful than the federal government, but there should be consequences, and law enforcement should be more active.” Souhan, the Shaver-Souhan show.

►“I hope there are a hundred Eagles fans who get their hands and tongues stuck to light poles.” Roy Smalley, former professional baseball player and TV analyst, speaking on “Roy Smalley’s Chin Music” podcast.

Not all Minnesotans were laced with vitriol toward Eagles fans. At least one showed some Minnesota nice.

“I think it would be really awesome if we collectively showed everyone why we are among the better fan groups in the country, and rise above it. I would hate to see us sink down to their level, so let’s give them some Minnesota Nice…. Kill them with kindness. A lot of those fans we saw heckling, they’re not making their way out here. So if you see an Eagles or Pats fan, grit your teeth and don’t throw IPAs at them.” Alex Frecon, Minnesota Sports Fan Unfiltered podcast