Dover grad Kuhn doesn't think his time is up in NFL

  • Dover High graduate John Kuhn is currently an unsigned free agent.
  • Kuhn believes he will still find a team to play with this season.
  • Kuhn, a fullback, will turn 34 shortly before the start of the NFL season.

John Kuhn is still waiting for his phone to ring.

Dover High School graduate John Kuhn is currently unsigned, but still hoping a team comes calling, even if it isn't the Green Bay Packers.

In an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio's Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan over the weekend, the Dover High School graduate said he's still hoping that an NFL team will come calling for his services this year.

"I'm not done," Kuhn said on the show. "I work out four or five times a week and I'm putting in what I have to on the front end, expecting somebody to make my phone ring here at some point in time. If not this week, if not next week, sometime in August, somebody's going to have a need for somebody who's willing to come in, work hard, do some of the dirty work that not everybody wants to do anymore."

"That's what I'm preparing myself for," Kuhn added. "I can't predict the future. I don't know which team is finally going to make my phone ring. Of course I'd love it to be the (Green Bay) Packers, but they've got 90 (players) on their roster right now. So, they have visions of where they're going to go. But, things change sometimes. I can only control myself and I've been doing the best I can to make that happen."

Kuhn, who will be 34 during the week leading up to Week 1 of the NFL's regular season, became somewhat of a folk hero during his nine seasons with Green Bay. After the Packers picked him up off of waivers in 2007, Kuhn has gone on to play in 139 of 144 possible games for them, despite seeing his touches greatly diminish in recent years.

Last year, Kuhn had 15 total touches (nine carries, six catches), even though he played in all 16 of Green Bay's games, the fewest he's had in a season since 2009.

Kuhn resides in Green Bay out of season and has received some supporting words from Packers' players regarding his absence, including from quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who referred to Kuhn as "a dear friend" and hasn't hid his disappointment that management hasn't brought back Kuhn.

John Kuhn era in Green Bay may be over

But, Kuhn's days in Green Bay looked to be numbered going back to last season, when the Packers drafted Aaron Ripkowski out of Oklahoma. The Packers now seem set with Ripkowski taking over Kuhn's role. In addition, Kuhn's fullback position is becoming less used in the pass-happy league.

If Kuhn doesn't sign with the Packers, he said in the interview that his only criteria is to sign with "a competitor."

"At this point in my career, I want to play because I still enjoy it, I still love it, I'm still in shape, I'm still ready to go," Kuhn told Miller and Kirwan. "I (just) want to be on a team that I think I can go somewhere and do some damage."

Kuhn graduated from Dover in 2000, and, after not being highly recruited in high school, went on to star for Shippensburg University. After college, Kuhn went undrafted in 2005 and was later signed as a free agent by the Pittsburgh Steelers. He won a Super Bowl title with the team in Super Bowl XL and then won his second ring with Green Bay in Super Bowl XLV.

Kuhn has also been named a Pro Bowler four times and was named First-Team All-Pro in 2014 and Second-Team All-Pro in 2011.