Tale of two tracks as local racers battle elements over weekend

Track conditions varied greatly this weekend for sprint car races Saturday and Sunday.

Bryan Householder
For The York Dispatch

The two local races that made it into the record books last weekend couldn’t have been more different. The surfaces at the two tracks played a significant role in the outcome of both races. That wasn't really through any fault of the tracks, but because of weather conditions.

Saturday’s race at Lincoln was held after rain for much of the days leading up to the event. It actually rained enough that Lincoln was the only track to attempt racing on either Friday or Saturday. Needless to say, the racing surface at Lincoln was wet and tacky.

In times long past, it would have been a perfect race track, but not anymore. With the race cars of today being so equal, a wet, tacky surface makes it very hard for cars to pass one another. York’s Chase Dietz started from the pole position and led every lap of the race, with Zane Rudisill close behind the whole way.

In the early stages, a number of cars crashed trying to get everything they could at the start of the race. In fact, it took six tries to get the race started. Finally, officials decided to start the race single-file instead of two abreast. After that, I believe there was only one caution flag in the race.

Sunday’s show at BAPS Motor Speedway, meanwhile, got a great day for racing. It was bright and sunny and there was a pretty good breeze blowing. With a starting time of 4 p.m., much of BAPS' show was run in the daylight.  They also had a great field of cars, with 32 410 sprints and 30 358 sprints. A full day of racing on a daytime surface, of course, was hard on the track surface, and it became dry and slick. It was also wearing out tires, so much so that in the closing stages of the race a number of top-10 cars fell victim to flat tires.

In the end, with five laps still remaining, officials shortened the race by three laps so that those still running could make it to the end with their tires. The top three drivers at the time of the decision remained the top three until the end, but there were still a few more flat tires.

One point of interest here are the new tires that Hoosier is making for sprint cars. The Outlaw race at Lincoln a week before was the first time the tires were used anywhere. The tires will be required everywhere in a few weeks. Local tracks have decreed that for their races there will be a few weeks to use up the old-style tire before the new ones are mandated. Most have given four races. Saturday was the last race for the old tires at Lincoln, while Port Royal still has three to go and Williams Grove all four.

For right now, teams can choose to use either tire at those tracks. That was also the case at Lincoln last Saturday and at BAPS Sunday. Interestingly, most teams elected to use the older style tires both days. However — and this is where it gets interesting — the top three finishers at BAPS on Sunday, those whose tires made it to the end, were all on the new tire. They were Anthony Macri, Kyle Moody, and Freddie Rahmer.

The new tire has a slightly different construction, and is also slightly harder than the old tires.


This weekend will see a lot more action in the local area if the weather will co operate. Williams Grove will try once again to open its season with a Friday evening show this week. The Grove slate for this week includes the sprint cars and the 358 modifieds that race at Grandview and Big Diamond.

Saturday is a busy day on the local circuit. Lincoln will offer up its sixth show of the young season. The sprint cars will again highlight the program, but this time, Lincoln’s second regular class of racing, the 358 sprint cars, will join in for the first time this year.

Port Royal also races on Saturday evening with the sprint cars as the main card. Since they were rained out last week at the Port, the ULMS super late models are also on the card, along with the limited late models.

BAPS Motor Speedway will be back in action on Saturday evening with the super sportsman racers in the spotlight. Also on the slate at BAPS will be the limited late models, the 602 crate modifieds and the classic cars.

Selinsgrove returns to action Saturday with a racing program that includes the PASS 305 sprint cars, the limited late models and the roadrunners.

Path Valley opens on Saturday with the wingless super sportsmen headlining the card.

Bedford is set for practice on Saturday with opening day on Sunday. The super late models headline at Bedford.

The track in Bridgeport, N.J., has a two-day weekend planned with sprint cars in the spotlight. On Saturday, the USAC East Coast wingless 360 sprints and the MASS 305 sprints draw headlines. On Sunday, the 410 sprints return to join Bridgeport’s modifieds.


Listing: position, car number, driver, points, series wins

After 3/26

1.         8/51      Freddie Rahmer                        158       2

2.         13        Justin Peck                               145       1

3.         48        Danny Dietrich              133

4.         39M      Anthony Macri               116       1

5.         23        Devon Borden               113

6.         99M      Kyle Moody                               65

6.         19        Brent Marks                              65

8.         2D        Chase Dietz                              50        1

8.         24        Rico Abreu                                50        1

8.         5          Dylan Cisney                             50        1

8.         44        Dylan Norris                              50

12.       16        Matt Campbell               46

13.       45        Jeff Halligan                              45

13.       4          Zane Rudisill                             45

15.       5e        Brandon Rahmer                       42

16.       5w        Lucas Wolfe                              41

17.       49        Brad Sweet                               35

17        9P        Parker PriceMiller                      35

19.       27S      Alan Krimes                              30

20.       67        Justin Whittall                28

21.       39T      Cameron Smith             26

22.       41        Carson Macedo             25

22.       11P      Tim Wagaman II                       25

24.       39        Troy Wagaman Jr                      22

25.       91        Kyle Reinhardt              20

25.       75        Tyler Ross                                20

25.       1x         Chad Trout                               20