Top local drivers lead national sprint car win list in 2022

Bryan Householder
For The York Dispatch

The local outdoor racing season has drawn to a close, and a close look at the season shows that, in many ways, it was a great season for local sprint car fans.

There were a few more races held this season than in recent years. There were plenty of drivers who visited victory lane. And the drivers from the local circuit topped the national win list as well.

In fact, the top three local winners this season were also the top three winners nationwide in the 410 sprint car ranks. One driver from the local sprint car circuit also topped the money winner’s list for the season nationwide.

Dillsburg driver Anthony Macri, pictured racing in 2020, captured 23 sprint car victories nationwide in 2022, the most of any driver.

Dillsburg’s Anthony Macri was the biggest 410 sprint car winner in the nation in 2022. Macri won 23 sprint car races this season. For a driver from the local circuit, that is the most wins in a a season since the late Greg Hodnett won 23 times back in 2016.  

Macri also claimed the Champion Racing Oil Cemntral PA Sprint Car Series point title for the second year in a row. The majority of Macri’s wins came on the local tracks, although one was far from the local area.

Macri’s best track for the season was Port Royal, where he won 10 times. At the Port, Macri also bested the All-Stars four times, and got his first two World of Outlaws wins. Macri had three wins each at Williams Grove and Lincoln, two at Selinsgrove, and single wins at Bedford, Bloomsburg, Bridgeport (N.J.) and Path Valley. His win outside the local area came at the I-70 Speedway in the Midwest.

While Macrii was the country’s biggest winner, Brent Marks followed close on his heels and was the nation’s biggest money winner in 410 sprint car competition. Marks won 18 races this season, but more importantly, his earnings came to $642,721. That is more than any other sprint car driver earned this year, even after the World of Outlaws point winnings were added to their driver’s season earnings.

Marks claimed three wins each at Williams Grove and Lincoln, two each at Port Royal and BAPS, and a win at Hagerstown on the local circuit. His wins on the road included two very big wins at Eldora (Ohio) and single wins at Knoxville, Iowa; Devils Bowl, Texas; Outlaw, N.Y., Sharon, Ohio; and Portsmouth, Ohio.

Marks’ wins included five each with the World of Outlaws and the All-Stars.

Danny Dietrich was both the area’s and the nation’s third-biggest winner in 410 sprint car competition in 2022 with 14 wins. The Williams Grove track champion won five of his races at Lincoln, three at Williams Grove and one each at Selinsgrove, Port Royal and BAPS on the local circuit. His other two wins came at Limaland and Attica, both in Ohio.

Lance Dewease was the fourth biggest winner on the local circuit. Dewease, who runs a limited schedule, won 10 times in 2022, including the Williams Grove National Open. Williams Grove was in fact Dewease’s best track by far this season — eight of his wins came there, while the other two came at Port Royal.

Fifth on the list of drivers who won locally is a driver who raced everywhere during the season. Justin Peck’s main focus in 2022 was with the All Stars, but he also competed locally many times. 

Actually, Peck's barnstorming season included 99 races, more than any other driver on the nationwide circuit. That may explain why he was able to finish second in the All-Star standings while also ranking sixth in the Central PA standings.

Peck won a total of nine races in 2022 — four on local ovals and five others with the All-Stars. All but one of his wins actually came in All-Star races; his one non-All-Star win was on Opening Day at Williams Grove. His other local wins were at Lincoln, Bloomsburg and Bridgeport (N.J.) Those last three were All-Star races, as were his wins at Wayne County, Atomic and Waynesfield in Ohio, and races at Utica Rome (N.Y.) and Lake Odessa (Mo.)

Lincoln champion Freddie Rahmer would actually rank fifth in wins on local tracks only. His six wins this season all came at Lincoln. Port Royal champion Logan Wagner has a similar story: all five of Wagner’s wins this season came at the Port.

New winners this season in 410 competition on the local ovals would include Hanover’s Dylan Norris, whose wins at Williams Grove and Lincoln were his first in those cars; Hanover driver Troy Wagaman Jr, who also scored his first 410 sprint car win at Lincoln this season; and Michael “Buddy” Kofoid, a California native who is making a big name for himself nationally. Kofoid won his first local race at Lincoln earlier this season.

Jordan Givler, a Lewisberry area native, also got his first 410 sprint car win this season, but had to travel to Latrobe to do it.