California driver captures New Jersey dirt track main event

Bryan Householder
For The York Dispatch

Giovanni Scelzi scored the $15,000 win in Sunday's Sprintoberfest main event at Bridgeport Speedway in New Jersey.  Scelzi's win was the California driver's fourth on the East Coast this season and eighth overall.

Scelzi was running third on the eighth lap when leaders Cory Eliason and Justin Peck both developed mechanical trouble, handing him the lead.  From that point, he had to fend off Kyle Reinhardt for the victory.  Lance Dewease made a late-race pass of Devon Borden for third, with Borden and Danny Dietrich in the top five.  Ryan Smith finished sixth followed by Davie Franek, Lucas Wolfe, Hanover's Troy Wagaman Jr. and Dominic Melair in the top 10.

Dillsburg's Anthony Macri saw his string of top-five finishes at Bridgeport this season come to an end when he tangled with Borden while racing for third and then spun, collecting Freddie Rahmer and flipping.  No drivers were injured.

Anthony Macri

Preliminary racing: In Sprintoberfest preliminary action over the weekend, fellow California driver Eliason scored the $5,000 win on Saturday. The win was Eliason’s first on the northeastern circuit this year.

Eliason outgunned fellow front-row starter Peck to pick up the big win. Peck finished second, with Scelzi getting third. Macri took fourth, with Reinhardt fifth.

Cory Eliason

Completing the top 10 were Tyler Ross, Dietrich, Dewease, Paulie Colagiovanni and Smith.

Briggs Danner won 15-lap qualifying races for both the URC winged 360 sprints and the USAC East Coast wingless 360 sprints. Jordan Thomas won the other URC qualifier, while Austin Graby was the other USAC East Coast qualifier winner.

Friday action: On Friday, Franek won the nonwinner’s race for the 410 sprints. He was followed by Ross, Jordan Thomas, Smith and Austin Bishop.

The USAC East Coast nonwinner’s race fell to Kenny Miller III, while the URC nonwinner’s race went to Joe Kata III.

Cory Eliason is shown after his All Star win on Saturday night at Lincoln Speedway.


after 10/30

Listing; position, car number, driver, points, series wins

1.         39m/11Anthony Macri                1998     22

2.         48        Danny Dietrich              1758     12

3.         19        Brent Marks                   1382     10

4.         8/51      Freddie Rahmer             1247     6

5.         69K      Lance Dewease            1080     9

6.         13        Justin Peck                      940       4

7.         5w        Lucas Wolfe                    765

8.         23        Devon Borden               693       2

9.         1          Logan Wagner              636       5

10.       39        Chase Dietz                    634       3

11.       44        Dylan Norris                   625       2

12.       5          Dylan Cisney                     507       1

13.       67        Justin Whittall                491       1

14.       45        Jeff Halligan                      474       2

15.       18        Giovanni Scelzi             454       4

16.       55        Mike Wagner                       412

17.       6/10x    Ryan smith                          371

18.       12        Blane Heimbach                     355       2

19.       11        T J Stutts                                  353

20.       19/39    Troy Wagaman Jr                      344       1

21.       33w      Michael Walter II                       314

22.       99m      Kyle Moody                               298

23.       75/5      Tyler Ross                                298

24.       11        Buddy Kofoid                            275       1

25.       87/27s  Alan Krimes                              267