Former Baltimore Orioles player would rather die from coronavirus than wear a mask

The Philadelphia Inquirer (TNS)
Aubrey Huff

In the sport of baseball, you can’t be scared to be hit with a 95-mph fastball or a 78-mph curveball that appears to be headed straight for your chin.

So it’s not surprising to see a fearless baseball player, but former Baltimore Orioles player Aubrey Huff took that approach to another level by stating that he’d rather die from COVID-19 than wear a mask.

“If you want to wear a mask and live in fear for the rest of your lives, that’s certainly your prerogative,” Huff said in a video he posted on his Twitter account. ”But the vast majority of well-adjusted, sane, common-sense people that aren’t sheep and can reason for themselves agree with me.”

Huff said he believes COVID-19 is real and thinks only those with pre-existing conditions or the elderly and obese should be restricted.

“Just because that is your plight in life doesn’t mean the whole world has to shut down,” Huff said.

Huff played 13 seasons for Tampa, Baltimore, Houston, Detroit and San Francisco. He won two World Series titles with the Giants in 2010 and 2012 before retiring after the last championship. He finished his career as a .278 hitter with 242 homers and 904 RBIs.

He played with the Orioles in 2007, 2008 and 2009. In 2008 with Baltimore, he enjoyed one of his best seasons, hitting .304 with 32 homers and 108 RBIs. His only other 30-homer season came in 2003 with Tampa Bay when he hit .311 with 34 homers and 107 RBIs.

“This is not a selfish thing for me,” Huff said. “This is a thing for me to try and free Americans, so they can freely breathe.”