BENZ: Photos of Sidney Crosby appear in urinals at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center

(Pittsburgh) Tribune-Review (TNS)

If nothing else, Philadelphia sports fans are renowned for their class, right?

After all, these are people who eat horse droppings to celebrate Super Bowl championships.

Pittsburgh Penguins standout Sidney Crosby is not exactly a beloved figure among some Philadelphia Flyers fans. AP FILE PHOTO

So when it comes to public protocol, we've found the level of the room in Philadelphia. Hence, we shouldn't be surprised to see that photos of Sidney Crosby's face were placed in urinals at the Wells Fargo Center.

According to, this was not a sanctioned move by the Flyers as a team. But if that's the case, some arena employee has gone rogue or some intrepid fan got in the building quickly and got to work fast.

Not everyone in Philadelphia is enjoying the gag. Here's Mike Sielski, the author of the post we've linked above:

"The prank wasn't necessarily a reflection on the Flyers or even most of their followers. But it was a reflection on plenty of them, and it was stupid and sophomoric, another validation of the worst stereotypes of Philadelphia sports fans, the kind of thing that a high school meathead finds funny but that comes off to any mature person as pathetic."

As Sielski referenced, not only is this stunt classless, but it also is a rip-off. Washington fans did it years ago .

Now it appears the Flyers are following in another Capitals tradition, losing to Crosby and the Penguins in the playoffs.

Full marks to NBC Philly as well. They managed to get three solid urinal puns into a four-line post .

I'd say that's flushing out the story. And it reads with great flow.

Two can play at this game.