Familiar fivesome leads list of York-Adams League swimming all-stars

Central York's Camryn Leydig

The names are familiar to anyone who followed York-Adams League swimming this past season.

Central York’s Camryn Leydig, Red Lion’s Arabella Butera, Gettysburg’s Hannah Brainard, Dallastown’s Riley Thomas and Spring Grove’s Daniel Gordon are coming off standout seasons in the pool.

Given their efforts during the winter months, it’s not surprising that quintet led the way recently when the York-Adams League coaches released their 2021 swimming all-stars.

The all-star list was based on times submitted by coaches for the recently completed season.

Leydig, Butera, Brainard, Thomas and Gordon each had top times in two individual events. All five also excelled during the recently completed PIAA Swimming Championships, with each earning state medals.

Four of the five are juniors, with only Thomas having completed his high school career.

Leydig posted the league’s top individual girls’ times in the 100 backstroke (55.21 seconds) and the 100 butterfly (:55.61). She also helped two Central girls’ relay teams to league-best times in the 400 freestyle relay (3:39.07) and the 200 medley relay (1:47.69). At the PIAA Class 3-A meet, Leydig was sixth in the 100 fly and eighth in the 100 back.

Dallastown's Riley Thomas

Similarly, Thomas boasted top individual boys’ league times in the 100 breaststroke (:55.51) and 200 individual medley (1:51.81). He also helped the Dallastown boys’ 400 free relay (3:14.94) and 200 medley relay (1:37.12) to top league times. Thomas returned to the Dallastown High team after swimming exclusively for the York YMCA as a sophomore and a junior. He made his senior season count, finishing third in the state 3-A meet in the 100 breast and 13th in the 200 IM.

Red Lion's Arabella Butera

Butera led the way among Y-A swimmers in the girls’ 100 breast (1:03.99) and the 200 IM (2:08.76), while Brainard was the top league performer in the girls’ 100 free (:52.62) and 200 free (1:54.39). Butera finished fifth in the 100 breast at the PIAA 3-A meet. In the state 2-A meet, Brainard was seventh in the 200 free and eighth in the 100 free.

Gordon led the league boys in the 50 free (:20.49) and the 100 free (:45.65). At the PIAA 3-A meet, Gordon was fourth in the 100 free and sixth in the 50 free.

Spring Grove's Daniel Gordon

The other top individual league times for the girls were: Rachel Cunningham, South Western, 50 free, :24.35; and Zoe Schneider, Dallastown, 500 free, 5:06.96. Abigail O’Leary of Northeastern had the top girls’ diving score of 451.95. Cunningham also led the South Western girls’ 200 free relay to a league-best time of 1:38.34.

The other top individual Y-A times among the boys were: Tanner Glatfelter, Dover, 200 free (1:45.14); William McDermott, Dallastown, 500 free (4:46.07); Harry Nelson, Gettysburg, 100 back (:53.55); and Andrew Rexroth, Red Lion, 100 fly (:53.11). Northeastern’s Stephen Barlett had the top boys’ diving score at 509.73. Nelson helped Gettysburg’s 200 free boys’ relay to the top league time of 1:29.75.

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Girls’ 50 Freestyle

Rachel Cunningham, South Western, :24.35.

Samantha Trumble, Dallastown, :24.44.

Emma McCombs, Central York, :24.95.

Girls’ 100 Freestyle

Hannah Brainard, Gettysburg, :52.62.

Rachel Cunningham, South Western, :53.75

Samantha Trumble, Dallastown, :54.15.

Girls 200 Freestyle

Hannah Brainard, Gettysburg, 1:54.39.

Molly Klinedinst, Central York, 2:02.99.

Langley Brockway, Dallastown, 2:03.51.

Girls’ 500 Freestyle

Zoe Schneider, Dallastown, 5:06.96.

Catherine Strayer, Central York, 5:30.58.

Emma Pequignot, Dover, 5:33.87.

Girls’ 100 Backstroke

Camryn Leydig, Central York, :55.21.

Sophia Guyer, York Suburban, :58.68.

Leah Leonard, South Western, 1:02.27.

Girls’ 100 Breaststroke

Arabella Butera, Red Lion, 1:03.99.

Ava Gemma, Central York, 1:06.51.

Emma Pequignot, Dover, 1:10.80.

Girls’ 100 Butterfly

Camryn Leydig, Central York, :55.61.

Zoe Schneider, Dallastown, :59.27.

Emma McCombs, Central York, :59.63.

Girls’ 200 Individual Medley

Arabella Butera, Red Lion, 2:08.76.

Sophia Guyer, York Suburba, 2:10.33.

Ava Gemma, Central York, 2:10.56.

Girls’ Diving

Abigail O’Leary, Northeastern, 451.95.

Taylor Tuohy, Dover, 330.85,

McKenna Porter, Susquehannock, 317.73.

Girls’ 200 Freestyle Relay

South Western, 1:38.34, (Leah Leonard, Julia Yates, Katerina Lucabaugh, Rachel Cunningham).

Red Lion, 1:42.96, (Hanna Aggen, Sam Schwinger, Ryleigh Czerwinski, Arabella Butera).

York Suburban, 1:45.62 (Brynn Neidigh, Lauren Abel, Sophia Guyer, Savannah Hunt).

Girls’ 400 Freestyle Relay

Central York, 3:39.07, (Camryn Leydig, Maddie Buss, Molly Klinedinst, Emma C. McCombs).

Dallastown, 3:42.43, (Zoe Schneider, Lauren Oswandel, Langley Brockway, Samantha Trumble).

South Western, 3:49.15, (Rachel Cunningham, Katerina Lucabaugh, Julia Yates, Leah Leonard).

Girls’ 200 Medley Relay

Central York, 1:47.69, (Camryn Leydig, Ava Gemma, Molly Klinedinst, Emma McCombs).

Dallastown, 1:52.13, (Langley Brockway, Sadie Koicuba, Zoe Schneider, Samantha Trumble).

Red Lion, 1:52.52, (Hanna Aggen, Arabella Butera, Sam Schwinger, Ryleigh Czerwinski).

Boys’ 50 Freestyle

Daniel Gordon, Spring Grove, :20.49.

Thomas Smolinski, Dallastown, :21.14.

Jacob Wade, Susquehannock, :21.25.

Boys’ 100 Freestyle

Daniel Gordon, Spring Grove, :45.65.

Jacob Wade, Susquehannock, :46.55.

Bryan Collins, South Western, :48.00.

Boys’ 200 Freestyle

Tanner Glatfelter, Dover, 1:45.14.

William McDermott, Dallastown, 1:47.12.

Tanner Rager, Red Lion, 1:47.13.

Boys’ 500 Freestyle

William McDermott, Dallastown, 4:46.07.

Tanner Glatfelter, Dover, 4:53.04.

Cooper Stiles, Dallastown, 4:57.96.

Boys’ 100 Backstroke

Harry Nelson, Gettysburg, :53.55.

Campbell Toth, Spring Grove, :54.03.

Andrew Rexroth, Red Lion, :55.15.

Boys’ 100 Breaststroke

Riley Thomas, Dallastown, :55.51.

Zachary Tipton, Gettysburg, 1:03.72.

Tyler Wright, Susquehannock, 1:04.12.

Boys’ 100 Butterfly

Andrew Rexroth, Red Lion, :53.11.

Austin Smith, Dover, :53.84.

Calvin Koller, York Suburban, :54.79.

Boys’ 200 Individual Medley

Riley Thomas, Dallastown, 1:51.81.

Harry Nelson, Gettysburg, 2:05.54.

Cooper Stiles, Dallastown, 2:06.73.

Boys’ Diving

Stephen Barlett, Northeastern, 509.73.

Max Pflieger, Susquehannock, 419.18.

Jensen Glatfelter, Dover, 253.35.

Boys’ 200 Freestyle Relay

Gettysburg, 1:29.75, (Harry Nelson, Brandon Gladfelter, Zach Turner, Kassidy Oussoren).

Spring Grove, 1:32.25, (Cam Toth, Spencer Toth, Jack Raub, Daniel Gordon).

Susquehannock, 1:35.17, (Tyler Wright, Tyler Burgess, Garren McKenzie, Jacob Wade).

Boys’ 400 Freestyle Relay

Dallastown, 3:14.94, (Thomas Smolinski, Quinn Granholm, William McDermott, Riley Thomas).

Dover, 3:25.04, (Austin Smith, Ethan Downey, Jaxson Burrage, Tanner Glatfelter).

Gettysburg, 3:25.19, (Harry Nelson, Brandon Gladfelter, Kassidy Oussoren, Zach Turner).

Boys’ 200 Medley Relay

Dallastown, 1:37.12, (Quinn Granholm, Riley Thomas, William McDermott, Thomas Smolinski).

Spring Grove, 1:41.03, (Cam Toth, Spencer Toth, Ryan West, Daniel Gordon).

Gettysburg, 1:41.55, (Harry Nelson, Zach Tipton, Zach Turner, Kassidy Oussoren).