Susquehannock's Logan McFadden will lead York-Adams contingent at PIAA state swim meet

  • The PIAA Swimming Championships are set for Wednesday through Saturday.
  • The championships will be held at Bucknell University's Kinney Natatorium.
  • Susquehannock's Logan McFadden is seeded No. 1 in the 200 individual medley.
  • McFadden is also seeded No. 2 in the 500 free. The Warriors' 200 free relay is No. 2.
Susquehannock swimmer Logan McFadden.

Over the coming days, the state's best high school swimmers will descend on Bucknell University's Kinney Natatorium for the 2020 PIAA Championships.

If the seeds hold true, you can expect several York-Adams League competitors to return home from the Union County campus with medals.

Still, there's little doubt that the York-Adams League athlete most likely to enjoy a golden weekend in Lewisburg is Susquehannock High School standout Logan McFadden.

The Warriors senior has already enjoyed record-breaking performances at both the York-Adams League and District 3 Class 2-A championships. 

Now the West Virginia University recruit looks primed to earn some statewide honors.

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McFadden will enter the state 2-A event seeded No. 1 in the 200 individual medley with a time of 1 minute, 53.19 seconds. That time is 2.75 seconds better than the No. 2 seed. That is a whopping advantage in a race that short. 

McFadden is also the No. 2 seed in the 500 freestyle relay at 4:35.99 (the No. 1 seed is 4:33.06) and is a big reason why the Warriors' 200 free relay team is seeded No. 1 in 1:28.43. Additionally, McFadden and the Warriors have earned the No. 10 seed in the 400 free relay.

Logan McFadden leads Susquehannock to third-place team finish in District 3 2-A swim meet

At the district meet, McFadden won the 200 IM and 500 free, while the Warriors' 200 free relay also won gold.

“He’s a great overall kid,” Susquehannock head coach Brian Wingert said about McFadden after the district meet. “He’s a hard worker and he’s not flashy. He doesn’t want to draw attention to himself. He’s just all business. He gets in, he works hard and he gets the job done.”

Wingert especially appreciates McFadden's selflessness.

“I can’t say enough about his personality,” Wingert said. “It’s just his personality. It’s never about him. Sure, he wins his events, but he really prefers the relays more because he’s working with a group.”

Spring Grove swimmer Daniel Gordon.

Other top-10 seeds from Y-A League: McFadden, however, is not the only York-Adams swimmer who looks poised to bring home a medal. In all, Y-A swimmers have earned top-10 seeds in 15 different events.

Other than McFadden, the local swimmer with the best seed is Spring Grove sophomore Daniel Gordon, who listed No. 3 in the Class 3-A 50 free psych sheet issued by the PIAA. Gordon's seeded time of 20.74 seconds is actually tied for the second-best time. The top-seeded time is 19.84 seconds. Two Northeastern swimmers have top-10 seeds in the same event. Hunter Bachman, who has been Gordon's major rival this season, is No. 6 and Levi Morgan is No. 10.

Gordon is also the No. 7 seed in the 100 free.

York-Adams League swimmers enjoy record-setting weekend in Central York High's pool

The other 3-A boys with top-10 seeds are Dallastown's Joel Dunnigan, who is No. 9 in the 100 butterfly, and Northeastern's Stephen Barlett, who is No. 10 in diving.

Three Y-A girls have earned top-10 seeds in 3-A: Central York's Camryn Leydig, No. 7 in the 100 fly and No. 10 in the 100 backstroke, and Northeastern's Abby O'Leary, No. 9 in diving.

In 2-A girls, York Suburban's Sophia Guyer is No. 8 in the 100 back, while Gettysburg's Hannah Brainard is No. 8 in the 200 free.

The Class 3-A action for both the boys and the girls is set for Wednesday and Thursday. The 2-A competition is scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

List of Y-A state swim competitors: Following is the complete list of Y-A state competitors, listed by their seed, name, class, school, event and time:


7th: Camryn Leydig, sophomore, Central York, 100 fly, :56.02.

9th, Abby O’Leary, junior, Northeastern, diving, 443.55.

10th, Camryn Leydig, sophomore, Central York, 100 back, :56.15.

16th: Central York, 16th, 200 medley relay, 1:47.97.

21st: Samantha Trumble, junior, Dallastown, 50 free, :24.35.

23rd: Sydney Ulmer, sophomore, Central York, 100 fly, :57.35.

24th, Megan Heist, senior, Spring Grove, 100 breast, 1:06.02.

26th, Central York, 400 free relay, 3:36.79.

27th, Arabella Butera, sophomore, Red Lion, 100 breast, 1:06.08.

32nd, Emma Kingsley, junior, Central York, 100 back, 1:02.46.


3rd, Daniel Gordon, sophomore, Spring Grove, 50 free, :20.74.

6th, Hunter Bachman, senior, Northeastern, 50 free, :20.99.

7th, Daniel Gordon, sophomore, Spring Grove, 100 free, :46.00.

9th, Joel Dunnigan, senior, Dallastown, 100 fly, :50.58.

10th, Stephen Barlett, sophomore, Northeastern, diving, 436.40.

10th, Levi Morgan, junior, Northestern, 50 free, :21.25.

11th, Cameron Speed, senior, Central York, 500 free, 4:37.33.

12th, Hunter Bachman, senior, Northeastern, 100 free, :46.41.

21st, Dallastown, 200 free relay, 1:28.06.

25th, Cameron Speed, senior, Central York, 200 free, 1:43.17.

28th, Dallastown, 400 free relay, 3;15 64.


1st, Logan McFadden, senior, Susquehannock, 200 IM, 1:53.19.

1st, Susquehannock, 200 free relay, 1:28.43.

2nd, Logan McFadden, senior, Susquehannock, 500 free, 4:35.99.

10th, Susquehannock, 400 free relay, 3:19.06.

13th, Matt Peters, senior, York Suburban, 100 breast, 1:00.35.

13th, Max Pflieger, sophomore, Susquehannock, diving, 399.20.

14th, Jacob Wade, freshman, Susquehannock, 50 free, :22.03.

16th, Kassidy Oussoren, junior, Gettysburg, 100 free, :48.56.

16th, Matt Peters, senior, York Suburban, 200 IM, 1:59.65.

16th, York Suburban, 200 medley relay, 1:41.50.

19th, West York, 200 medley relay, 1:42.14.

20th, York Suburban, 400 free relay, 3:21.72.

20th, Kassidy Oussoren, junior, Gettysburg, 50 free, :22.30.

21st, Jackson Miller, senior, West York, 100 free, :48.98.

26th, Nick Crogham, freshman, Delone Catholic, 500 free, 5:01.03.

26th, Jackson Miller, senior, West York, 100 back, :55.04.

27th, Gettysburg, 200 medley relay, 1:44.24.

28th, Gettysburg, 400 free relay, 3:24.97.

29th, West York, 200 free relay, 1:32.54.

32nd, Alex Landis, senior, West York, 100 breast, 1:03.04.


8th, Sophia Guyer, junior, York Suburban, 100 back, :58.54.

8th, Hannah Brainard, sophomore, Gettysburg, 200 free, 1:54.81.

11th, Morgan Newell, senior, Gettysburg, 100 free, :53.36.

14th, Hannah Brainard, sophomore, Gettysburg, 100 free, :53.32.

15th, Sarah Hardy, senior, Biglerville, 100 breast, 1:06.74

15th, Morgan Newell, senior, Gettysburg, 100 fly, :58.21.

17th, Sophia Guyer, junior, York Suburban, 200 IM, 2:12.85

20th, Laura Laux, York Catholic, 100 back, 1:00.06

20th, Tesia Thomas, senior, West York, 50 free, :24.83.

21st, York Suburban, 200 free relay, 1:42.47.

23rd, Tesia Thomas, senior, West York, diving, 300.20

24th, Gettysburg, 400 free relay, 3:46.92.

25th, York Suburban, 200 medley relay, 1:54.27.

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