Former York Suburban coach Andy Loucks joins Franklin & Marshall football staff


When Andy Loucks decided to leave his position as the head football coach at York Suburban to spend more time with his family, it was a tough choice.

His sons are reaching the age where he wants to be sitting in the bleachers instead of standing on the sidelines on Friday nights, despite his love for coaching the game.

But Loucks has found a way to do both.

Kennard-Dale at York Suburban football, Friday, Septmber 20, 2019.
John A. Pavoncello photo

Loucks will join the coaching staff at Franklin & Marshall College in nearby Lancaster as a defensive assistant coach this season, which frees up his Friday nights and allows him to keep coaching.

A perfect example of Loucks’ ability to multitask came over the summer in South Carolina. After dropping off his older son, Adam, at a baseball game, he took his son Anthony to a local high school to play around.

While there, Loucks noticed a football team practicing and made his way over toward them. His wife laughed at him for it, but Loucks came away with a few potential prospects for the Diplomats.

“I got three kids out of it so it was worth it,” Loucks said with a laugh.

Andy Loucks leaves as York Suburban football coach to enjoy young sons' careers

Loucks said he spoke with other college teams, but F&M was the right fit.

Before he took over at York Suburban, Loucks was the defensive line coach for the Diplomats and several of the same coaches are still part of the program, including head coach John Troxell. Former Red Lion High School head coach Pat Conrad is also on the staff.

“The familiarity with them, knowing just how things were going to be, made it the best choice,” Loucks said. “I did consider some other things as far as coaching-wise, but I guess it was just the comfort level I had with them and my schedule, knowing exactly what was going to be asked to me, as far as practices and stuff like that.”

York Suburban vs. Lampeter-Strasburg in the District 3 Class 4-A football quarterfinal, Friday, November 8, 2019
John A. Pavoncello photo

Enjoying the freedom of not being a head coach: Loucks has already enjoyed the freedom of not having to worry about a head football coach’s schedule this summer.

His son Adam, a rising sophomore at Kennard-Dale, plays for a national prospect baseball team and the family has traveled to several states, including Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia.

“It was awesome and honestly, I don't think there's any way I could have been a head football coach anymore,” Loucks said. “This is actually the first week we've been back in Pennsylvania for more than like two or three days. It's been fun, but it's been a little crazy.”

When Loucks left the Trojans in December, it was a tough choice to leave a successful program and job he loved. He wanted to find time to enjoy moments with his family on Friday nights, but found a way to do both.

“It's been fun,” Loucks said. “It’s something that I never really thought about when you're coaching high school football and stuff like that, getting back into college, but it's definitely been a good time. I've enjoyed it a lot.”

New York Suburban football coach feels he's found right time, right place, right program

Josh Fry was hired to replace Loucks at Suburban in March. Fry has been an assistant coach at West York and Dallastown for the past 15 seasons. 

F&M, which plays on the NCAA Division III level in the Centennial Conference, did not have a football season in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Dipomats' last season in 2019, they went 7-4. F&M has not suffered a losing football season since 2011.

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