Kennard-Dale senior Patrick Maloney returns home five months after suffering head injury

  • Patrick Maloney returned home on Wednesday.
  • It's the first time Maloney has been home since his injury in October.
  • Maloney is speaking, walking and eating, according to updates from his mom.

Patrick Maloney’s journey to recovery from a serious head injury reached another milestone on Wednesday.

Five months after the Kennard-Dale High School senior collapsed on the sideline during the Rams’ Oct. 25 football game, he is back at home. Maloney confirmed his return home in a Twitter message on Wednesday.

Patrick Maloney

Maloney’s mother, Jennifer, in her latest update on the K-D football Facebook page, said that while it will be sad leaving the nurses and therapists that helped him in his recovery, Maloney has promised to visit the staff at the Kennedy Kreiger Institute in Baltimore. 

According to the Facebook post, Maloney was determined to walk out of the facility on his own or with a cane, if necessary. In recent posts, Maloney’s therapy process has been chronicled and he recently was able to climb a flight of stairs and walk a lap in the facility without a cane.

Maloney also played catch with a football on Monday to work on building hand-eye coordination. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Maloney will continue his exercises at home for the time being.

In a recent update, Jennifer Maloney said that they have a temporary setup in their house for Maloney, but the family is hoping that the rest of their renovations on the home will be complete in the coming weeks. 

At the end of February, Maloney began school work, including trigonometry homework, with the help of a teacher at the facility, according to a Facebook post. Jennifer Maloney also said in an update that Maloney had discussed colleges he was interested in attending with her and discussed his desire to get back to school and the weight room so he could attempt a 500-pound deadlift. Maloney was also a member of the K-D powerlifting team.

Kennard-Dale powerlifting coach Niko Hulslander, right, talks to Patrick Maloney before a lift at an event in March.

In mid-February, Maloney started to eat food on his own, including bacon cheeseburgers, after winning bets with the therapists based on his ability to reach milestones in his workouts. As he prepares to come back home for the first time since the head injury, choosing which of his favorite foods to eat first is part of the joy of another step in his journey to recovery.

“Patrick is getting so excited about coming home,” Jennifer Maloney said in a Facebook post. “He’s making plans for meals and such!”

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