YORK-ADAMS FOOTBALL ALL-STARS: League coaches announce their top players from 2019

New Oxford quarterback Brayden Long was named the York-Adams League Division I Offensive Player of the Year.
  • New Oxford quarterback Brayden Long won D-I Offensive Player of the Year.
  • York Suburban back Savion Harrison won D-II Offensive Player of the Year.
  • Delone Catholic coach Corey Zortman won D-III coach of the Year.

Another year of Friday nights created memories that coaches, players and fans will remember for a lifetime.

Three teams — Central York, York Suburban and Delone Catholic — rose above the squads in their respective divisions with spectacular performances from individual players. 

The York-Adams League coaches have selected their all-star teams and individual award winners as the district playoffs roll on.

New Oxford senior quarterback Brayden Long was named Division I Offensive Player of the Year after a stellar season. Long threw for 2,172 yards with 25 passing touchdowns and seven interceptions during the regular season. 

“It’s an honor to be chosen for it,” Long said. “The hard work is paying off. If I keep working hard, it’s just a sign that better things are to come.”

He also broke Adams County's career passing yards record and finished the regular season with 6,216 passing yards during his career with 63 touchdowns. Long added another 272 passing yards and five total touchdowns in the Colonials’ District 3 playoff win. 

Keough is top defender: Red Lion senior linebacker Kurt Keough earned the D-I Defensive Player of the Year award. Keough led the Lions’ defense with 80 tackles this season. He also had eight tackles for a loss, defended three passes and forced three fumbles.

Harrison runs away with award: The player who led the York Suburban team that went undefeated, senior running back Savion Harrison, was named Division II Offensive Player of the Year.

Harrison averaged a robust 9 yards per carry this season and had seven games with more than 100 yards on the ground. He finished second in the league in rushing yards with 1,499 and touchdowns at 20. Harrison added another 98 yards through the air on 11 catches.

York Suburban's Savion Harrison is the York-Adams League Division II Offensive Player of the Year.

“It’s great to see all the hard work I have put in this season really paid off,” Harrison said. “I am excited and happy about that.”

In addition to being the top player on offense, Harrison continued his elite performance on the other side of the ball. An all-state member last season, Harrison was also named a first-team all-star cornerback this year.

Heiser repeats: Gettysburg senior linebacker Austin Heiser repeated as the Division II Defensive Player of the Year. Heiser was the captain of the Warriors’ defensive unit that was the top rushing defense in the York-Adams League in 2019.

Delone Catholic sweeps awards: A seven-game winning streak that led Delone Catholic to a regular-season division title also produced individual awards this season. 

Senior running back Joe Hernandez won Division III Offensive Player of the Year. Hernandez racked up 1,324 total yards and 12 touchdowns on offense. As a kick and punt returner, he added another 581 yards and two touchdowns to fuel the Squires’ tremendous turnaround after an 0-3 start. 

“Joe was outstanding and we had expectations for Joe to be outstanding,” Delone coach Corey Zortman said. “He is a ferocious competitor and he comes to practice every day and gives 110%.” 

Delone Catholic's Joe Hernandez is the York-Adams League Division III Offensive Player of the Year.

Junior linebacker Tate Neiderer was named Division III Defensive Player of the Year. Neiderer recorded 87 total tackles and one sack during the campaign. 

Top coaches honored: Central York coach Josh Oswalt was named D-I Coach of the Year. The Panthers won D-I with a 9-1 record and did so a year after losing quarterback Cade Pribula, who set league records during his career.

Josh Oswalt

The D-II Coach of the Year went to Suburban's Andy Loucks, who led the Trojans to their first undefeated regular season in nearly 60 years. 

Andy Loucks

Zortman was named D-III Coach of the Year. Zortman guided the Delone team from its 0-3 start to a division title and district title game berth.

A full list of the all-stars is below.

Division I

Coach of the Year: Josh Oswalt, Central York

Offensive Player of the Year: Brayden Long, New Oxford

Defensive Player of the Year: Kurt Keough, Red Lion

First-team offense

Quarterback: Brayden Long, New Oxford; Running Back: Many Capo, Northeastern; Imeire Manigault, Central York; Isaiah Sturgis, Central York; Wide Receiver: Abdul Janneh, New Oxford; Jordan Lagana, Northeastern; Taylor Wright-Rawls, Central York; Randy Fizer, Red Lion; Tight End: Cashiss Day, Dallastown; Tackle: Josh Gaffney, Central York; Karien Gordon-Bey, Guard: Red Lion; Ian McNaughton, Central York; Zander Stmbaugh, New Oxford; Max Wertman, Central York; Center: Trey Bernstein, York High.

Second-team offense

Quarterback: Zech Sanderson, Northeastern; Running Back: Tobee Stokes, York High; Devyn Gurreri, Red Lion; Tyler Higdon, South Western; Wide Receiver: Briar Foltz, Spring Grove; Judah Tomb, Central York; Khaleed Gray, Dallastown; Dawaun Golden, New Oxford; Tight End: Kyle Fontes, Central York; Tackle: Dwayne Beady, York High; LaDamien Williams, New Oxford; Guard: Nolan Gise, Spring Grove; Center: Cody Reusing, South Western.

Honorable Mention offense

Quarterback: Beau Pribula, Central York; Nic Shultz, Red Lion; Running Back: Tyrell Whitt, York High; Charles Gaither, South Western; Kelvin Matthews, York High: Austin Furhman, South Western; Wide Receiver: Connor Herring, New Oxford; Mason Myers, Central York; Gerald Zapata, Red Lion; Kaden Hamilton, Northeastern; Tight End: Torbyn Eakins, New Oxford; Maurice Feazell, York High; Jake Bradley, Tackle: Red Lion; Kevin Almond, Northeastern: Mark Zier, South Western: Christian Encarnacion, York High; Ethan Cramer, Central York; Guard: Robert Almond, Northeastern; Terrence Drakeford, York High; Antonio Jones, York High; Jared Miller, Red Lion; Center: Lake Hinderer, Central York; Chris Rode, Northeastern; Jared Rolle, New Oxford.

First-team defense/special teams

Defensive End: Maurice Feazell, York High; Davante Dennis, Red Lion; Defensive Tackle: Charles Gaither, South Western; Seth Griffiths, Central York; Inside Linebacker: Kurt Keough, Red Lion; Malik Bowman, Dallastown; Outside Linebacker: Darien Osmun, Spring Grove; Noah Strausbaugh, New Oxford; Cornerback: Tyler Higdon, South Western; Brendan Harris, Central York; Safety: Abdul Janneh, New Oxford; Judah Tomb, Central York; Kicker: Mitch Groh, Dallastown; Punter: Mitch Groh, Dallastown; Returner: Randy Fizer, Red Lion.

Second-team defense/special teams

Defensive End: Ian McNaughton, Central York; Jared Rolle, New Oxford; Defensive Tackle: Karien Gordon Bey, Red Lion; Ethan Shorter, Northeastern; Inside Linebacker: George Drivas, Central York; Austin Furhman, South Western; Outside Linebacker: Isaiah Harrison, Dallastown; Jack Smith, Central York; Cornerback: Kobe Martin, Red Lion; Kahleed Gray, Dallastown; Safety: Cawon Chatman, Northeastern; David Geppi, Dallastown; Kicker: Nick Basile, Central York; Punter: Daniel Simpson, Spring Grove; Returner: Judah Tomb, Central York.

Honorable Mention defense/special teams

Defensive End: Corey Lee, South Western; Jackson Burnham, Northeastern; Jason Lookenbill, New Oxford; Gavin Wentz, Dallastown; Kairyn Brown, Central York; Defensive Tackle: Paul Glatfelter, Spring Grove; Antonio Jones, York High; Saumir Deshields, York High; Inside Linebacker: Ty Cromer, South Western; Alex Tejada, Northeastern; Dylan Forbes, New Oxford; Jacob Yoder, Dallastown; Aaron Johnson, York High; Outside Linebacker: Trenton Bitzel, South Western; Kameron Brooks, South Western; Austin Hays, Northeastern; Cole Luckenbaugh, Central York; Jake Bradley, Red Lion; Cornerback: Tres Gonzalez, South Western; Tayshawn Golden, New Oxford; Mason Myers, Central York; Trey'Shawn Smith, York High; Safety: Aaron Fry, South Western; Taylor Wright Rawls, Central York; Antoine Beard, York High; Marcellus John, York High; Brock Holloway, Red Lion; Kicker: Pat Parrish, New Oxford; Josh Wasowicz, South Western; Punter: Nick Basile, Central York; Returner: Aaron Fry, South Western; Mason Myers, Central York.

Division II

Coach of the Year: Andy Loucks, York Suburban

Offensive Player of the Year: Savion Harrison, York Suburban

Defensive Player of the Year: Austin Heiser, Gettysburg

First-team offense

Quarterback: Zach Ketterman, Gettysburg; Running Back: Wyatt McCleary, Kennard-Dale; Savion Harrison, York Suburban; Charles Warren, Gettysburg; Wide Receiver: Kaleb Corwell, Eastern York; Jacob Crumling, Eastern York; Shane Klinedinst, Dover; Avery Handy, West York; Tight End: Isaiah Pineda, York Suburban; Tackle: Patrick Maloney, Kennard-Dale; Devante Banks, York Suburban; Guard: Austin Campbell, Dover; Nasier Spellman, York Suburban; Center: Jacob Barnhart, Susquehannock.

Second-team offense

Quarterback: Justin Johnson, Dover; Running Back: Dan Clapp, Susquehannock; Ruger Pennington, Gettysburg; Gunner Pennington, Gettysburg; Wide Receiver: Brandon Cesky, Dover; Bryce Currier, Eastern York; Corey Wise, West York; Gunnar Wilson, Gettysburg; Tight End: Austin Heiser, Gettysburg; Tackle: Garth Barclay, York Suburban; Frank Richardson, Gettysburg; Guard: Gabe Hulslander, Kennard-Dale; Luke Ohmann, Susquehannock; Center: Nate Dandridge, Eastern York.

Honorable Mention offense

Quarterback: Trevor Seitz, Eastern York; Running Back: DJ Noland, Kennard-Dale; Tight End: JJ Kennedy, Kennard-Dale; Carson Snelbaker, Dover; Tackle: Seth Kennedy, Dover; Hunter Williams, Gettysburg; Guard: Grant Cooper, Kennard-Dale; Joden Nelson, West York; Devin McIntosh, Gettysburg; Max Goulrey, Gettysburg; Center: Andrew Snelbaker, Dover; Juan Neri, Gettysburg.

First-team defense/special teams

Defensive End: Gabe Hulslander, Kennard-Dale; Garth Barclay, York Suburban; Defensive Tackle: Austin Campbell, Dover; Devin McIntosh, Gettysburg; Inside Linebacker: Wyatt McCleary, Kennard-Dale; Austin Heiser, Gettysburg; Outside Linebacker: Shane Klinedinst, Dover; Max Goulrey, Gettysburg; Cornerback: Savion Harrison, York Suburban; Nate Banks, York Suburban; Safety: Joey Dejesus, West York; Zach Ketterman, Gettysburg; Kicker: Ryan Jones, Kennard-Dale; Punter: Zach Ketterman, Gettysburg; Returner: Charles Warren, Gettysburg. 

Second-team defense/special teams

Defensive End: Isaiah Pineda, York Suburban; Hunter Williams, Gettysburg; Defensive Tackle: Nasier Spellman, York Suburban; Devante Banks, York Suburban; Inside Linebacker: Luke Ohmann, Susquehannock; Gunner Pennington, Gettysburg: Outside Linebacker: Steven Lukes, Kennard-Dale; Donald Dent, York Suburban; Cornerback: Chris Moss, Susquehannock; Charles Warren, Gettysburg; Safety: Tanner Linker, Dover; David Moye, York Suburban; Kicker: Griffin Smith, York Suburban; Punter: Trevor Seitz, Eastern York; Returner: Nate Banks, York Suburban.

Honorable Mention defense/special teams

Defensive End: Austin Baker, Eastern York; Carson Snelbaker, Dover; Frank Richardson, Gettysburg; Defensive Tackle: Nate Dandridge, Eastern York; Patrick Maloney, Kennard-Dale; Brock Hofler, Susquehannock; Inside Linebacker: Kaleb Crean, Eastern York; Dermot Pogson, York Suburban; Dan Clapp, Susquehannock; Outside Linebacker: Jermone LaFranier, Eastern York; DJ Noland, Kennard-Dale; Terraj DeShields, West York; Mike Staub, Susquehannock; Cody Rexroth, Gettysburg; Cornerback: Zachary Dice, Eastern York; AJ Sharp, Kennard-Dale; Gunner Wilson, Gettysburg; Safety: Bryce Currier, Eastern York; Kicker: Jackson Burrage, Dover; Punter: Corey Wise, West York; Nate Banks, York Suburban; Returner: DJ Noland, Kennard-Dale; Avery Handy, West York.

Delone coach corey Zortman talks with a reporter during York-Adams football media day at the York Newspaper Company Monday, August 1, 2016. Bill Kalina photo

Division III

Coach of the Year: Corey Zortman, Delone Catholic

Offensive Player of the Year: Joe Hernandez, Delone Catholic

Defensive Player of the Year: Tate Neiderer, Delone Catholic

First-team offense

Quarterback: Kevin Mowrey, Delone Catholic, Running Back: Joe Hernandez, Delone Catholic; De'Kzeon Wyche, York Catholic; Kalen Sharrah, Biglerville; Wyatt Kramer, Littlestown; Wide Receiver: Andre Caban, Hanover; JJ Talley, Bermudian Springs; Benjamin Moir, York Catholic; Tight End: Noah Kiehl, York Catholic; Tackle: Joe Cooper, Bermudian Springs; Nick Groft, Delone Catholic; Guard: Austin Staub, Delone Catholic; Johnny Sanchez, Biglerville; Center: Austin Grelli, Littlestown.

Second-team offense

Quarterback: Chase Roberts, Hanover; Running Back: Ryan Hart, Bermudian Springs; Josh Fulton, Delone Catholic; Tate Neiderer, Delone Catholic; Sam Hurda, Biglerville; Wide Receiver: Mason Smith, Hanover; Gabe Lee, Delone Catholic; William Shoemaker, Littlestown; Tight End: Ryan Myers, Delone Catholic; Tackle: Seamus Landis, York Catholic; Wyatt Fetter, Biglerville; Guard: Reese Huth, Littlestown; Michael McBrairty, York Catholic; Center: Luis Ortiz-Gomez, York Tech.

Honorable Mention offense

Tight End: Carter Laughman, Bermudian Springs; Tackle: Jeremy Gebhart, Littlestown; Guard: Michael O’Brien, Delone Catholic.

First-team defense/special teams

Defensive End: Joe Cooper, Bermudian Springs; Ryan Myers, Delone Catholic, Johnny Sanchez, Biglerville; Defensive Tackle: Bishop Banks, York Tech; Austin Staub, Delone Catholic; Dakota Kroft, Littlestown; Inside Linebacker: Tate Neiderer; Savauri Shelton, Bermudian Springs; Kalen Sharrah, Biglerville; Outside Linebacker: Memphis Stonesifer, Littlestown; Garrett Stadler, Fairfield; Sam Hurda, Biglerville; Cornerback: Ben Moir, York Catholic; JJ Talley, Bermudian Springs; Safety: Dustyn Barker, Littlestown; Matt Burnside, York Catholic; Kicker: Nicholas Andrasi, York Catholic; Punter: Dustyn Barker, Littlestown; Returner: Joe Hernandez, Delone Catholic.

Second-team defense/special teams

Defensive End: Landen Eckert, York Catholic; Bryce Redding, Littlestown; Defensive Tackle: Nick Groft, Delone Catholic; Inside Linebacker: Cormac Sterling, York Catholic; Josh Fulton, Delone Catholic; Wyatt Kramer, Littlestown; Outside Linebacker: Hunter Karpulk, York Catholic; Joe Hernandez, Delone Catholic; Matt Zelenski, Bermudian Springs; Cornerback: Gabe Lee, Delone Catholic; William Shoemaker, Littlestown; Safety: Ricky Pacana, Bermudian Springs; Jabar Cease, York Catholic; Kicker: Dustyn Barker, Littlestown; Punter: Matt Zelenski, Bermudian Springs; Returner: William Shoemaker, Littlestown.

Honorable Mention defense/special teams

Inside Linebacker: Peyton Stadler, Fairfield; Brett Noel, Hanover; Outside Linebacker: Michael O’Brien, Delone Catholic; Mason Smith, Hanover; Cornerback: Cory Heffner, Delone Catholic; Safety: Brett Hamilton, Fairfield; Kicker: Nathan Mickley, Fairfield; Punter: Nicholas Andrasi, York Catholic; Returner: Garrett Stadler, Fairfield.

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