Northeastern High football standouts receive offers from same college on same weekend

  • Zech Sanderson and Jordan Lagana received offers from Albright College.
  • Lagana had 14 catches for 338 yards and five touchdowns through three games.
  • Sanderson had 563 passing yards with nine touchdowns through three games.

Sitting in his room, playing NBA 2K20 on his PlayStation 4, it was just another Saturday morning for Jordan Lagana — until a text message changed everything for him. 

When the Northeastern High School senior wide receiver finally realized what the picture he just received meant, his initial shock turned into excitement and pride. 

The text message that potentially changed his future was an offer to play football at NCAA Division III Albright College in Reading, Berks County. It took a second look at his phone for Lagana to realize what just happened. 

“I was confused at first,” Lagana said. “I opened it and just locked my phone. Then I opened it again and read the whole thing and sent it to my family.”

Through the Bobcats’ first three games, Lagana has 14 catches for 338 yards and five touchdowns. Before the offer from Albright, Lagana had been generating college interest for track and field, the other sport he plays for Northeastern. 

Northeastern wideout Jordan Lagana runs a drill during practice at the school Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019. Bill Kalina photo

Another surprise offer: Meanwhile, Lagana’s friend, Northeastern senior quarterback Zech Sanderson, was visiting his girlfriend on Sunday when he decided to check his email. While going through his inbox, Sanderson also found a surprise from Albright. 

“I was going through my Gmail looking at other things and I saw it and I was like, ‘Whoa, that's’ an offer,’” Sanderson said.

The Bobcats’ quarterback, who has passed for 563 yards with nine touchdowns and one interception in the team’s first three games, was excited to have received his first college offer, but even more happy that it came from the same college as his friend and teammate. 

“Growing up as 6 year olds, playing football together, coming all this way (and) now both getting offers is actually pretty cool,” Sanderson said. “It’s just neat how far football took us as friends.”

Lagana added that it would be awesome to keep playing together in college and that it would help Sanderson to have a receiver he knows so well. 

Northeastern quarterback Zech Sanderson launches a pass during practice at the school Tuesday, Aug. 27. Bill Kalina photo

Fueling the fire: While other York-Adams Division I quarterbacks have earned scholarship offers and gained attention, Sanderson didn’t let any of that bother him. Earning his first offer has added even more fuel to the fire for the senior quarterback to prove he can play at the next level.

“It’s motivating me more than ever,” Sanderson said. “There’s schools wanting me and I can perform at a very high level. I am just trying to give the best I can and finish off the season.”

The duo remains focused on the start of division play this weekend and continuing the success that led to the Bobcats’ 3-0 start. Still, earning an opportunity to live out the college dreams they had while playing youth football is something they both appreciate. 

For Lagana, more success on the field will only shine a light on the Northeastern program and more interest in the senior combo. 

“I hope that we can keep rolling with what we’re doing,” Lagana said. “The way I see it, the further we go, the more we get looked at (by colleges). If we can get to the playoffs and make some noise, that’s going to grab somebody’s attention.”

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