After nearly closing, Quarterback Club of York has new leadership, optimistic outlook

  • Less than a year ago, it looked like the Quarterback Club of York may shut down.
  • Now, however, the club has new leadership and officials are optimistic about the club's future.
  • Chris Umberger is the new president of the club's board.

It was less than a year ago when the future of the Quarterback Club of York was in serious jeopardy.


Several factors, most notably a dwindling membership, had forced the club to consider closing after 40-plus years of existence.

New blood, new ideas and a growing sense of support from local high school football coaches, however, seems to have given the club a new lease on life — just in the nick of time.

A recent reorganization of the QB Club’s board of directors has led to a sense of optimism for the club, which annually gives out a $4,000 scholarship to a local high school football senior.

Officials now believe the club can not only survive, but thrive.

“We had a board meeting and we elected some new officers,” said outgoing QB Club of York president Ed Bender. “So we’re going to continue on with the club.”

That means the club will again sponsor its annual Labor Day 10-kilometer and 5-kilometer races at PeoplesBank Park in downtown York later this year. The funds raised from the event are the primary means of funding for the Charles Larson Memorial Scholarship, which was given to Spring Grove senior Patrick Anderson last month.

“I stopped in and signed a contract at the stadium, so that is a go,” Bender said. “We’re moving ahead with that race.”

Bender, who is being succeeded by Chris Umberger as board president, will still remain active with the organization as he transitions from president to board member. Bender, who presided over the club for much of the past decade, sounded optimistic that Umberger and the new board have a plan that could help revive the non-profit group.

Possible game: “Some of the coaches brought up the fact that there isn’t a 7-on-7 football game around,” Bender said. “So we talked a little bit about doing some poking around just to see what can come out of that.”

Sponsoring a football event like that would bring the club closer to its roots. For many years, the club ran the annual senior all-star game on Thanksgiving Day in York County. Bender, however, cautioned that those discussions are still in the preliminary stages and that the club’s main focus will be on running the 5K and 10K races on Labor Day.

“I think the football game is going to be something where, depending on the type of traction we get from the coaches, is probably something that, if we can pull it off, wouldn’t happen until next year at the earliest,” Bender said. “The format of how to do it is still wide open there. We really didn’t dig down deep into any details at this time. We were just mainly kind of looking into some ideas of how to generate a little more interest from the coaches.”

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