Mid-Penn officials offer apology to Lebanon County team for wrong call in 36-34 loss

  • Annville-Cleona fell to Trinity 36-34 on Friday.
  • Trinity scored the winning two points when a lineman picked up blocked extra-point kick and scored.
  • The play, however, should have been blown dead after the blocked kick.

The officiating crew that refereed Trinity’s 36-34 win over Annville-Cleona on Friday night, Aug. 25, issued an apology to A-C on Saturday morning, Aug. 26.

The apology was for a wrong and misinterpreted call that resulted in host Trinity going ahead 36-34 in the fourth quarter.


After Trinity’s touchdown tied the game at 34-34, the Shamrocks’ extra-point kick was blocked by Annville-Cleona.

According to Rule 6, Section 2, Article 3 of the PIAA football, “Any K player (player on the kicking team) may catch or recover a scrimmage kick while it is in or behind the neutral zone and advance, unless it is during a try.”

In other words, the play should have been whistled dead when the extra-point try was blocked.

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