Livingston has changed young lives

Steve Heiser

Brad Livingston's future as a head coach at Central York is apparently very much in doubt.

What is not in doubt, however, is his past.

The impact that Livingston has had over the last 30-plus years on the lives of players, fellow coaches, parents and administrators was on full display at Monday night's Central school board meeting.

Dozens of Livingston supporters came out to show their intense devotion to the longtime head football and head boys' volleyball mentor.

They were there because rumors were spreading on social media that Livingston was allegedly being forced out by the Central administration as the football coach after more than three decades leading the Panthers' program. According to the speculation, if he did not resign as the football coach, he would be ousted from both of his coaching jobs.

Where the truth lies is uncertain. School board president Eric Wolfgang would not specifically comment on the issue, citing the fact that it was a personnel issue. But Wolfgang certainly did not give Livingston a vote of confidence. Central superintendent Michael Snell also remained mum.

Livingston, meanwhile, also would not weigh in on the issue, beyond saying the rumors were not "technically" true.

While Wolfgang, Snell and Livingston stayed relatively silent, Livingston's backers said plenty.

A number of folks publicly, strongly and emotionally endorsed Livingston. No one spoke out against the veteran coach.

Livingston has also always been professional and cooperative when dealing with the media.

That doesn't mean that Livingston doesn't have detractors. Any coach who has survived as long as Livingston is going to have his critics. It's simply the nature of the beast when you lead the single-most high-profile athletic program at a large high school.

Those critics may have gotten a little bolder after last fall's disappointing 3-7 football record, which followed a mediocre 5-5 mark in 2014.

It's obvious that at least some folks believe it's time for Livingston to leave the sidelines. Maybe it's his recent record. Maybe it's his age. Maybe there are other factors involved. Since no one is talking, it's all just speculation at this point.

What is not speculation, however, is that Livingston's overall record as head football coach is 211-153-4. That's a winning percentage of nearly 60 percent. That includes 10 York-Adams Division I crowns. That's pretty impressive resumé for the longest-tenured coach in the York-Adams League.

Brad Livingston has earned 211 wins in his 34 years as Central York's head football coach, but was let go as the team's coach on Friday.

His record as the boys' volleyball coach is even better. His Panthers are a perennial state power, having won PIAA Class AAA state titles in 2014 and 2011. He also owns four District 3-AAA titles.

Livingston's impact at Central, however, goes far beyond just wins, losses and championships. That was apparent during the public comment period on Monday night. It's also obvious if you go online and read the outpouring of support that Livingston is receiving on social media.

Brad Livingston has helped change many young lives for the better.

No matter what happens in the near future, that will never change.

It's a legacy he can be proud of.

Steve Heiser is sports editor of The York Dispatch. He can be reached at