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HEISER: It's time for Pigskin Pickers contest and high school football


A year ago, Dallastown, West York and Bermudian Springs proved to be the class of the York-Adams League in football.

Each compiled perfect league records en route to division championships.

The Wildcats ruled Division I, the Bulldogs captured Division II, and the Eagles reigned in Division III.

Who will be York-Adams kingpins this season?

We'll start to find out on Friday when another high school football season begins.

It's probably the single most anticipated night of the scholastic sports season. Mother Nature even looks like she'll cooperate. Forecasts for game time on Friday call for temperatures in the low to mid-80s with only a slight chance of rain.

To coincide with the start of another gridiron campaign, The York Dispatch will again run our Pigskin Pickers online contest at

Starting this week and going through the rest of the 10-week regular season, our readers will have the opportunity to pick each contest involving the York-Adams League teams.

At the conclusion of the regular season, the champion Pigskin Picker will receive a $100 Rutter's gift card, while the second-place finisher gets a $50 gift card and the third-place finisher receives a $25 gift card. There's also a $10 gift card given away each week to the best picker of the week. All ties will be broken by random computer selection.

Many of you are likely familiar with how the contest works. You will need to click the contest link and register, although if you've entered the contest before, you might already be registered. After that it's pretty simple. Just follow the instructions and pick each week's games. It's really pretty easy. Hey, if this over-50, technology-challenged sports editor can do it, you can, too.

That brings us to one of the other perks of the contest. You can prove you're smarter that the so-called "experts" here the Dispatch. Our picks will be listed right along with yours. Then we'll let the standings determine who knows more about prep football. Our employees, of course, will not be eligible for any of the contest prizes.

Other prep football offerings: The Pigskin Pickers contest, however, is just one part of our high school football offerings here at the Dispatch.

Actually, our comprehensive football coverage has been going on for weeks now.

We've already run team preview capsules on most of the York-Adams schools. The rest will run before Friday's opener. Patrick Strohecker also has provided predictions for each of the division races on each of the last three Mondays. His picks to win division titles, in case you missed it (shame on you, if you did), were South Western (Division I), Dover (Division II) and Biglerville (Division III). Not a repeat pick in the bunch.

Strohecker also will anchor our prep football coverage this season.

Each Thursday, he'll feature one of that week's games with a video, while also providing preview capsules on all of the week's games. The Pigskin Pickers also will be featured each Thursday, along with league statistics and standings.

Many Fridays, Strohecker will cover a game and do a story for our website. Our photo department also will be taking tons of pictures. On opening night, Strohecker and photographer Dawn Sagert will cover the intense West York-Central York rivalry, which has become an annual opening-night staple.

Each Monday, Strohecker will have a high school football column, looking back at the previous weekend action and looking ahead to the next weekend's big games.

Ryan Vandersloot, meanwhile, will again man our high school scoreboard on Fridays and Saturdays at, providing up-to-the-minute football scores, not to mention various other scholastic scores. You can also check out Strohecker and Vandersloot on Twitter at @P_Strohecker and Twitter updates also are available at @ydsports. Vandersloot also has a blog at

So there it is. That's our football game plan for the 2015 high school campaign. We hope you'll enjoy our coverage, both online and in print.

And don't forget to enter the Pigskin Pickers contest. This year's contest promises to be among the most compelling ever. Most weeks will almost certainly feature a large number of "pick 'em" games.

One week you can be a football savant and the next week you can be an gridiron idiot. In either case, it's no problem. It just adds a little competitive fun to the prep football season.

At 7 Friday night, the games begin.

It can't start soon enough.

Steve Heiser is sports editor of The York Dispatch. He can be reached at