Runners from Susquehannock, Dallastown claim York-Adams individual cross country titles

  • Susquehannock's Matthew O'Brien won the York-Adams boys' cross country crown.
  • Dallastown's Lydia Tolerico won the York-Adams girls' cross country title.
  • The York Suburban boys and Dallastown girls won the York-Adams team cross country titles.
Susquehannock's Matt O'Brien crosses the line to finish first at the York-Adams League Cross Country Championships at John Rudy County Park Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021. Bill Kalina photo

EMIGSVILLE – Even though Matthew O’Brien bested Cole Adams earlier this season, O’Brien knew that doing it again on a grander stage would be more challenging.

O'Brien, a Susquehannock High School junior, figured he would have to get ahead early and try to keep the two-time defending champion at bay during the York-Adams League Boys' Cross Country Championship at John Rudy Park on Tuesday.

The Warriors standout did just that and a little more.

O’Brien outpaced York Suburban's Adams by nearly 15 seconds to claim his first Y-A title with a time of 16 minutes, 8.5 seconds.

While Adams came up a bit short of his goal of a three-peat, his Suburban team won the boys' team race over Dallastown by seven points, 85-92.

The race on the girls’ side had less drama. Dallastown’s Lydia Tolerico clipped teammate Victoria Rodriguez by 23 seconds to win her first title with a time of 18:46.5.

It was a banner day for the Wildcat girls as a team. Dallastown placed its top-five finishers within the first 15 finishers to cruise to an impressive win in the team standings, topping Northeastern, 38-65.

O’Brien: “Feeling good,” O’Brien said after his run. “That last mile was definitely a little harder with that hill, but I went out pretty fast. It was kind of an out-in-front effort where I had to pace it.”

O’Brien’s plan was to avoid getting stuck in the crowd around the meet’s first turn, which was around 100 yards from the starting line.

“I didn’t want to get boxed out,” he said. “I didn’t know what people were going to be doing, so I just kind of had to stride out around that before I slowed down a little.”

Keeping distance between himself and Adams was something that worried O’Brien.

“Definitely, against top runners like Cole and Garrett (Quinan of K-D, who finished third),” he said. “So I was definitely nervous. I knew Cole was going to be strong, but I was thinking that I could. I wasn’t taking anything for granted.”

O’Brien is hoping to duplicate Tuesday’s result next week at the District 3 meet, where he pegged a top-two finish as his goal.

“I beat Weber at Carlisle, but he’s definitely stronger now,” O’Brien said of Greencastle’s Weber Long, who was four spots behind O'Brien at the Carlisle Invitational.

York Suburban runner Cole Adams is consoled by his coach Ron Herman after finishing second at the York-Adams League Cross Country Championships at John Rudy County Park Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021. Susquehannock's Matt O'Brien finished first. Bill Kalina photo

Suburban boys: While Adams was frustrated about not taking home a third-straight individual title, Suburban coach Ron Herman was pleased with how his team performed.

“I knew coming in that it was going to be close,” Herman said. “Our No. 5 guy was injured, so we needed another strong runner to finish up there and he did. And my top three … you can’t (beat) that. We had two, five and seven, so I’m pleased. These are the kind of races that you can never predict what’s going to go on.”

Grant Kern finished fifth and Shea Walsh placed seventh for the YS boys. Led by a ninth-place finish from Jakob Rager, Dallastown finished second. South Western finished third with 96 points.

Runners start the girls' race at the York-Adams League Cross Country Championships during John Rudy County Park Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021. Bill Kalina photo

Tolerico and Dallastown: After seeing former Northeastern standout Margaret Carroll dominate last year’s event, Tolerico was excited heading into her senior season about her chances of taking over the top spot.

“I’ve been working ever since track season last year,” said Tolerico, who finished seventh last year. “Just working a lot on my short-distance speed. Last year I was just kind of eyeing up the top spot, but obviously I could never beat Margaret. So it’s really nice to be able to come in first instead of second.”

It was exciting for Tolerico to see her teammates continue their strong performances. Having dominated during an undefeated regular season, the Wildcat girls did it again Tuesday. In addition to the one-two finish at the top, Dallastown also got strong performances from Natalie Good (eighth), Alexis Ferderline (14th) and Mae Treml (15th).

“We ran well,” Dallastown coach Doug Moyer said. “I’m really happy with our performance and the way everybody ran. I think some of my freshmen (Rodriguez, Good, Federline) made a jump, and I was expecting that at some point in the season, and today they really did.”

Northeastern finished second in the team standings led by the duo of Bella Treglia (fourth) and Marissa Pritchett (fifth). Led by Sophia Breschi’s 13th-place finish, Red Lion took third with 119 points.

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Top York-Adams Boys' Individual Finishers

1. Susquehannock's Matthew O'Brien (16:08.05). 2. York Suburban's Cole Adams (16:23.1). 3. Kennard-Dale's Garrett Quinn (16:23.1). 4. Northeastern's Cole Perry (16:30.4). 5. York Suburban's Grant Kern (16:33.4). 6. South Western’s Shernel Singh (16:39.5). 7. York Suburban’s Shea Walsh (16:44.4). 8. York Catholic’s Moseley Driscoll (16:56.1). 9. Dallastown’s Jakob Rager (17:00.8). 10. Hanover’s Matthew Nawn (17:01.5). 11. South Western’s Shernan Singh (17:05.2). 12. Dallastown’s Jackson Gutekunst (17:08.). 13. Susquehannock’s Nathaniel Coggins (17:09.9). 14. Kennard-Dale’s Dylan Cunningham (17:13.9). 15. Red Lion’s River Van Wicklen (17:17.5). 16. Central York’s Christian Henry (17:17.9). 17. South Western’s Evan Freil (17:22.1). 18. Dallastown’s Jack Gable (17:24.7). 19. Gettysburg’s Drew Cole (17:25.0). 20. Central York’s Sean Baxter (17:26.0 21. Gettysburg’s Auden Day (17:32.2). 22. Central York’s Eli Eisenberger (17.40.0). 23. Susquehannock’s Darian Byrd (17:40.9). 24. York Suburban’s Neil Oestereich (17:42.0). 25. Gettysburg’s Gavin Cole (17:42.9).

York-Adams Boys' Team Standings

1. York Suburban, 85. 2. Dallastown, 92. 3. South Western, 96. 4. Central York, 108. 5. Susquehannock, 116. 6. Gettysburg, 175. 7. York Catholic, 193. 8. Kennard-Dale, 212. 9. Northeastern, 223. 10. Red Lion, 227.

Top York-Adams Girls' Individual Finishers

Dallastown's Lydia Tolerico (18:46.5). 2. Dallastown's Victoria Rodriguez (19:10.4). 3. Susquehannock's Nicole Dauberman (19:17.0). 4. Northeastern's Bella Treglia (19:31.5). 5. Northeastern's Marissa Pritchett (19:50.8). 6. Central York’s Hayley Green (20:18.0). 7 Eastern York’s Kaydence Strange (20:18.8). 8. Dallastown’s Natalie Good (20:31.0). 9. South Western’s Paige Watson (20:32.4). 10. Kennard-Dale’s Angelina Hammond (20:34.6). 11. Northeastern’s Kayle Kurilla (20:43.4). 12. Spring Grove’s Charlee Kurtz (20:45.5). 13. Red Lion’s Sophia Breschi (20:52.5). 14. Dallastown’s AlexisFederline (20:54. 6). 15. Dallastown’s Mae Treml (21:04.8). 16. Fairfield’s Honey Strosnider (21:07.3). 17. York Suburban’s Sarah Stark (21:15.6). 18. Red Lion’s Grace Kauffman (21:20.7). 19. Northeastern’s Riley Bell (21:21.7). 20. Kennard-Dale’s Charlotte Crowl (21:24.4). 21. Dallastown’s Allison Hartman (21:25.9). 22. Dover’s Summer Hogan (21:25.9). 23. Gettysburg’s Lily Arnold (21:30.5). 24. Red Lion’s Abby Butera (21:30.5). 25. Dallastown’s Olivia Brenneman (21:30.6).

York-Adams Girls' Team Standings

1. Dallastown, 38. 2. Northeastern, 65. 3. Red Lion, 115. 4. Central York, 148. 5. Susquehannock, 170. 6. York Suburban, 182. 7. Gettysburg, 200. 8. South Western, 226. 9. Eastern York, 244. 10. Kennard-Dale, 245.