Northeastern cross country coach completes fundraising 'Everesting' feat on his bicycle

  • Pete LoBianco is the Northeastern High School cross country coach.
  • For his 42nd birthday, he decided to complete an "Everesting" feat on his bicycle.
  • In "Everesting," athletes complete a vertical ascent equivalent to Mount Everest.
Northeastern cross country coach Pete LoBianco is shown during his recent "Everesting" day.

Northeastern cross country coach Pete LoBianco likes to do some pretty unusual things when his birthday rolls around each year.

In years past, he’s competed in marathons, normal triathlons and even Iron Man Triathlons, which are a longer-distance triathlons that consist of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a 26.22-mile run.

With COVID-19 limiting the possibilities this year, LoBianco was forced to come up with something outside the box.

The idea he came up with to mark his 42nd birthday was certainly something unusual — he decided to complete a single-day challenge called "Everesting."

"Everesting" is a physical feat where an athlete completes the vertical ascent equivalent of climbing Mount Everest, which is 29,029 feet high. LoBianco decided to complete his trek on his bicycle, a feat that required nearly 15 hours of riding to achieve.

“It’s something that has become more and more popular, so I thought I would at least try it,” LoBianco said. “And with the current climate of things, I thought I could do something to be helpful.”

Charity benefits: The helpful part was his goal to raise money for a charity that fit with his career as the Bobcats' cross country coach — New Life for Girls or NLFG. NLFG is a nationwide charity, but there is an office located in the Northeastern School District, where he teaches kindergarten at Mount Wolf Elementary School.

“New Life for Girls was right on the hill that I was doing this, so my brother (York College cross country coach Stephen LoBianco) suggested that I do it for them,” he said. “It’s here in the community and near the place that I ride, so I thought that was a good place to help out.”

NLFG is a faith-based residential program for women with life-controlling issues.

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The accomplishment: LoBianco’s accomplishment, which he began just after 2 a.m. Saturday, June 27, and was completed just before 7 p.m. that evening, is notable. Fewer than 10,000 individuals worldwide have completed an "Everesting" attempt.

To be successful, one has to follow three basic rules: you can only go down the same hill you rode up, you could rest but could not sleep during the attempt and verification of the accomplishment was necessary.

In total, LoBianco rode more than 182 miles on his bike during his 1.3-mile trek on a hilly stretch of Lewisberry Road.

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“Just the time on the bike was definitely the longest thing that I’ve ever done in one day,” he said. “Even longer than when I did my Iron Man. And it was just one discipline, so you don’t get to like stop and do something else, so that made it more difficult. It was tough to stay hydrated.”

Lots of support: A number of supporters came out throughout the day to cheer on  LoBianco during his challenge, which certainly lifted his spirits. His brother, Stephen, was on hand and rode with him, as did others throughout the day. His father, other friends and cycling buddies helped out. as did volunteer from NLFG.

“It was all good,” he said. “The ladies that work for New Life I know were ecstatic and they were so supportive. They were so thankful for all of the donations that they received and I’m just glad that I could help them out.”

Helping others: Most individuals could not fathom participating in a challenge such as the one LoBianco completed, but the thing that he stressed should be taken away from his achievement isn’t just the personal accomplishment.

“I know that a lot of people are out there thinking ‘what can I do?,'” he said. “And I know that everyone is capable of doing something. It’s just using the abilities and skills that you possess to try to help people.

“Now I like to ride my bike, but there are a lot of things that anyone can do to try to figure out a way to help somebody. And I know that it’s impossible to help everybody, but don’t let that stop you from helping somebody. And that’s what you should do.”

While LoBianco’s feat his been completed, donations to NLFG in support of his efforts are still being accepted. If you are interested in supporting LoBianco’s cause, you can mail a check to New Life for Girls at PO Box 170, Dover Pa., 17315 while mentioning “Everesting” in the note field.

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