Dallastown's Holden Koons, West York's Augie Citrone earn top seeds in Y-A singles events

  • The York-Adams League boys' tennis singles tournament starts Thursday.
  • Three-time defending champ Holden Koons of Dallastown is the No. 1 seed in 3-A.
  • West York's Augie Citrone is the No. 1 seed in the 2-A tournament.
Dallastown's Holden Koons.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Holden Koons is the No. 1 seed in the upcoming York-Adams League Class 3-A Boys' Tennis Singles Tournament.

The Dallastown senior standout is the three-time defending champion in the event.

York Suburban's Parker Lando is the No. 2 seed in the 3-A singles field, followed by Dallastown's Jonathan Burns at No. 3, New Oxford's Justin Gruver at No. 4, Northeastern's Josh Sanderson at No. 5, Red Lion's Cameron Wheeler at No. 6, Gettysburg's Drew Heinzelmann at No. 7 and Dallastown's Sebastian May at No. 8.

Lando won the league 2-A title in 2018 as a freshman, but Suburban moved up to 3-A this season. Burns finished third in last year's 3-A league tournament, while Gruver was fourth.

West York's Augie Citrone.

In 2-A, West York's Augie Citrone grabbed the top seed, followed by Delone Catholic's Matt Steinberg at No. 2, West York's Jack Citrone at No. 3, Susquehannock's Andy Snyder at No. 4, Delone's Paul Tily at No. 5, Biglerville's Noah Mattson at No. 6, Littlestown's Nate Remington at No. 7 and Bermudian Springs' Brett Laughman at No. 8.

Steinberg took third in last year's 2-A league tournament.

Doubles tournament: Dallastown's Burns and Sebastian May grabbed the No. 1 seed in 3-A doubles, while Suburban's Lando and Liam Waterbury are seeded No. 2. Burns and May won the Y-A 3-A doubles title a year ago, while Lando and Waterbury took the 2-A crown.

The other 3-A doubles seeds are: New Oxford's Gruver and Michael Pagnanelli at No. 3, Northeastern's Sanderson and Lance Fries at No. 4, Red Lion's Wheeler and Luke Zeidman at No. 5, Gettysburg's Heinzelmann and Kwaku Baryeh at No. 6, Dallastown's Noah May and Aryan Saharan at No. 7 and Dallastown's Jack Lynam and Cameron Koons at No. 8. Sanderson and Fries took third in the league 3-A tournament in 2018.

The Citrones from West York captured the top seed in 2-A doubles, while Delone's Steinberg and Tily are No. 2. The other 2-A seeds are: Susquehannock's Snyder and Marin Thomas at No. 3, Littlestown's Remington and Jason Anderson at No. 4, Bermudian's Laughman and Nate Edmondson at No. 5, West York's Jake Altimore and Jacob Landis at No. 6, Biglerville's Michael Rayo and Carlos Castillo at No. 7 and Hanover's Josh Lynn and Jonny Martinez at No. 8.

Tournament schedule: The league 3-A singles first and second rounds start at 11 a.m. Thursday at South Western. The 2-A singles first and second rounds start the same time at Wisehaven. The quarterfinals and semifinals in both classes are set to start at 2 p.m. Friday at South Western. The finals and consolations in both classes start 9 a.m. Saturday at South Western.

Both doubles tournaments start at 1 p.m. Monday at South Western (3-A) and Red Lion (2-A) with first-round, second-round and quarterfinal action. The semifinals, finals and consolations in both classes start at 3 p.m. Tuesday at South Western.

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