Dallastown's Holden Koons earns league's No. 1 AAA seed


Dallastown freshman standout Holden Koons has earned the No. 1 seed for the York-Adams League Class AAA Boys' Tennis Tournament.

York Catholic's Michael Andrews is the top seed in the AA field.

Dallastown freshman Holden Koons is the No. 1 seed for the York-Adams League Class AAA Boys' Tennis Tournament.

Tournament action starts Friday, with first- and second-round matches at Wisehaven. The Friday matches were moved indoors because of the threat of rain. The AAA action will start at 9 a.m., with the AA to follow starting at 12:30 p.m.

The quarterfinals and semifinals are set for Saturday starting at 9 a.m., with all of the players competing at South Western.

The finals and third-place matches in each class will start at 4 p.m. Monday at South Western.

Koons went unbeaten this season at No. 1 singles and helped Dallastown go 8-0 en route to the York-Adams Division I championship. He's the son of Dallastown head coach Mark Koons.

Holden Koons won the State College Invitational Most Valuable Player Award earlier this season and is ranked No. 2 among freshman players in Pennsylvania. He's rated a four-star recruit by the Tennis Recruiting Network.

Other seeded singles players: The other seeded players in the AAA York-Adams singles field are: 2. Ben Sentz, South Western; 3. Grant Wierman, Spring Grove; 4. Joey Stiles, New Oxford; 5. Gavin Keeny, South Western; 6. Alec Shue, Red Lion; 7. Chris Maderitz, Central York; and 8. Hunter Jones, Dallastown.

The other seeded players in the AA field behind Andrews are: 2. Adam Yingling, Gettysburg; 3. Brett Gill, Littlestown; 4. Alberto Brunno, York Catholic; 5. Nick Durski, Delone Catholic; 6. Zach Kiick, Gettysburg; 7. Tyr Abendschoen, York Suburban; and 8. Nick Wool, Bermudian Springs.

Doubles: The York-Adams Doubles Tournament is set to start at 3 p.m. Tuesday with first- and second-round action at South Western (AA) and Red Lion (AAA). The doubles semifinals, finals and consolation matches are scheduled to start at 3 p.m. Wednesday at South Western both both classes.

In AAA, the Dallastown team of Koons and Jones is seeded No. 1, followed by the New Oxford team of Stiles and Josiah Forry at No. 2, the South Western team of Sentz and Keeny at No. 3 and the Central team of Maderitz and Connor Bacha at No. 4.

The York Catholic duo of Andrews and Brunno is seeded No. 1 in AA doubles, followed by the Gettysburg pair of Yingling and Kiick at No. 2, the Littlestown team of Gill and Brandon Staub at No. 3 and the Suburban team of Abendschoen and Tom Platts at No. 4.

District 3 team seedings: The final official District 3 boys’ tennis power ratings have been released.

In AAA, Dallastown (14-2) is seeded No. 2 behind Hempfield (15-0). South Western (12-2) is fifth and New Oxford is ninth (14-3). A total of 12 teams made the field. The AAA first round is May 5, followed by the quarterfinals (May 10), semifinals (May 11) and finals (May 12).

In AA, York Catholic (9-2) is eighth in the eight-team field. Wyomissing is the top seed (11-0). The AA quarterfinals are May 6, followed by the semifinals (May 11) and finals (May 12).

All matches will be held at the Hershey Racquet Club.



Friday’s Class AA, at Wisehaven, 12:30 p.m.

(1) Michael Andrews, YC, vs. Aidan Mikula, WY

Allen Sweeney, DC, vs. Roman Nakielny, HA

(5) Nick Durski, DC, vs. Drew Riggle, GB

Nate Newberry, BG, vs. Thomas Plummer, DC

(3) Brett Gill, LT, vs. Dakota Shupp, BS

Mason Elliot, YC, vs. Tom Platts, YS

(6) Zach Kiick, GB, vs. Aaron Gervasio, SQ

Tim Pickard, WY, vs. Andrew Murren, BS

Levi Wilhide, LT, vs. Justin Smith, GB

Noah Decampo, LT, vs. (8) Nick Wool, BS

Ryan Appleton, LT, vs. Bobby Weikert, GB

John Yancheski, SQ, vs. (4) Alberto Brunno, YC

Jacob Arbetman, YS, vs. Brendan Paules, SQ

Brandon Staub, LT, vs. (7) Tyr Abendschoen, YS

TJ McGraw, YC, vs. Ben Fairlamb, WY

Nicholas Gingerich, YC, vs. (2) Adam Yingling, GB

Friday’s Class AAA, at Wisehaven, 9 a.m.

(1) Holden Koons, DT, vs. Justin Gruver, NO

Tyler Lile, DT, vs. Garrett Lieb, SG

(7) Chris Maderitz, CY, vs. David Trimmer, DT

Jeffery Bauer, SG, vs. Adam Rudasill, NO

(4) Joey Stiles, NO, vs. Ryan Hohman, SW

Justin Klunk, NO, vs. Alec Goldstone, CY

(5) Gavin Kenny, SW, vs. Nick Stare, RL

Jake Biondo, SW, vs. Wyatt Crone, DO

Josiah Forry, NO, vs. Mike Visco, CY

Connor Bacha, CY, vs. (8) Hunter Jones, DT

Kyle Varone, CY, vs. Blake Harlacher, SG

Nathan Swartz, DT, vs. (3) Grant Wierman, SG

Josh Sanderson, NE, vs. Jonathan Burns, DT

Sachin Venkatesh, DT, vs. (6) Alec Shue

Alex Ohme, RL, vs. Patrick Kane, SW

Chase McKnight, RL, vs. (2) Ben Sentz, SW


Tuesday’s Class AA, at South Western, 3 p.m.

(1) Michael Andrews-Alberto Brunno, YC, vs. Brendan Paules-Justin Field, SQ

Roman Nakielny-Henry Smith, HA, vs. Nate Newberry-Gabe May, BG

(3) Brent Gill-Brandon Staub, LT, vs. Allen Sweeney-Rob McGough

Nicholas Gingerich-Mason Elliot, YC, vs. Tim Pickard-Noah Sanderson, WY

Nick Wool-Dakota Shupp, BS, vs. Ryan Appleton-Noah DeCampo, LT

Nick Durski-Thomas Plummer, DC, vs. (4) Tyr Abendschoen-Tom Platts

Jacob Arbetman-Shobhit Khurana, YS, vs. Drew Riggle-Max Lampe, GB

Aaron Gervasio-John Yancheski, SQ, vs. (2) Adam Yingling-Zach Kiick

Tuesday’s Class AAA, at Red Lion, 3 p.m.

(1) Koons-Jones, DT, vs. Kane-Hohman, SW

Lile-Swartz, DT, vs. Gruver-Klunk, NO.

(4) Maderitz-Bacha, CY, vs. Shue-Stare, RL

Sanderson-Nagel, NE, vs. Baur-Harlacher, SG

Wierman-Lieb, SG, vs. Venkatesh-Burns, DT

Crone-Mets, DO, vs. (3) Sentz-Kenney, SW

Varone-Goldstone, CY, vs. Biondo-Guy, SW

Ohme-Krout, RL, vs (2) Stiles Forry, NO

Final District 3 Power Ratings

Class AAA

(12 teams make field)

1. Hempfield (15-0). 2. Dallastown (14-2). 3. Hershey, (16-2). 4. Lower Dauphin (13-3). 5. South Western (12-2). 6. Cumberland Valley (13-3). 7. Cocalico (13-1). 8. Manheim Twp. (12-2). 9. New Oxford (14-3). 10. Manheim Central (15-4). 11. Carlisle (10-4). 12. Palmyra (11-3).

Class AA

(Eight teams make field)

1. Wyomissing (11-0). 2. Fleetwood (11-2). 3. East Pennsboro (14-2). 4. Donegal (10-2). 5. James Buchanan (14-3). 6. Lancaster Country Day (11-3). 7. Lancaster Mennonite (9-3). 8. York Catholic (9-2).