For York Suburban standout, latest NCAA Division I basketball offer has special meaning

  • Savon Sutton has received a scholarship offer to play at Towson University.
  • Sam Sutton, Savon Sutton's father, played at Towson.
  • The offer from Towson was Savon Sutton's third from an NCAA Division I school.
  • Savon Sutton will be a sophomore at York Suburban High School in the fall.
York Suburban's Savon Sutton, shown here at right, has received a scholarship offer from Towson University.

When Sam Sutton got dressed on Monday morning, something told him to put on his Towson University basketball T-shirt.

Sutton wasn’t sure exactly why. Maybe it was because of the text message he received earlier in the day, which said he would get a call from a member of the program’s coaching staff. No matter the reason, however, the former Towson and York High standout would be happy with his choice of apparel.

At the end of that phone call with the Towson coach, Sutton learned that his son, York Suburban High rising sophomore point guard Savon Sutton, had earned a scholarship offer to play at his alma mater.

Now it was time for the best part — telling his son about the offer. Sam Sutton’s first phone call was missed by his son because he was in the middle of a workout in Florida, where he's been training. 

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Once the pair connected, Savon Sutton was speechless at first, but was even more excited than he was after his first two NCAA Division I offers, because of how important Towson is to his family.

“Growing up walking around the house and seeing all the Towson stuff and then being able to sit on the phone and see him in a Towson shirt telling me the Towson news was crazy,” Savon Sutton said. “It’s just crazy to have an opportunity like that, to play at the same school my dad did.”

Towson joins Morgan State and Howard University as the schools offering scholarships to the Trojans’ point guard. 

The Tigers finished last season at 19-13, including a 12-6 mark in the Colonial Athletic Association. Pat Skerry has been Towson's head coach since 2011. The Tigers have won at least 18 games in six of the last eight years. 

Towson ties: Sam Sutton finished his college basketball career with the Tigers after transferring from Saint Francis. The 6-foot, 4-inch guard averaged 13.1 points, 6.2 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.8 steals per game in two years with the Tigers from 2000 through 2002. He currently operates Sam Sutton's Skills Academy.

Savon Sutton recalls attending his first Towson game at 8 or 9 years old, but an opportunity to play at the university during an AAU tournament with his father as the coach was even more memorable.

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“I made sure that I put my all into every game I played in,” Savon Sutton said. “Take the moment in and enjoy the moment with my dad coaching me on the sidelines in his gym.”

Sam Sutton remembers his attempt to take a photo of his son playing on the court that featured the logo of his university. Two years later, when he thinks about his son possibly playing for the same program he did, he gets emotional.

“It’s what you live for, to have these moments that are priceless,” Sam Sutton said. “You can’t go to a museum, a store or anywhere and buy them. It’s nothing that you can recreate or stage. It takes your breath away for a minute and it just makes your eyes glow.”

The Instagram post Savon Sutton shared to announce the offer from Towson included the photo his father took during the game, and a picture of the pair at center court after a game.

Gaining national interest: Savon Sutton, a 6-foot, 3-inch, 170-pound guard averaged 10.3 points per game as a freshman, while making 84% of his free throws and hitting 46 3-pointers. He helped the Trojans to a 21-8 season in 2019-2020, including a state playoff berth. Suburban should return most of the talent from that team, including starters Camden Brewer, Alon Gorham and Aidan Hughley, in addition to Savon Sutton. 

Although he holds three NCAA Division I offers after just one season of varsity basketball, Savon Sutton is far from content with his game. While in Florida training, the rising sophomore carries around the latest class of 2023 rankings in his backpack for motivation. 

Savon Sutton comes in at No. 2 in Pennsylvania, but No. 72 in the country, and whenever he feels like he’s done enough work that day, one look at the rankings is all it takes to get him up and going.

Former York High standoutSam Sutton is shown in a promotional photo during his days at Towson University.

“Looking at that it’s like, you have no option. You gotta get better,” Savon Sutton said.

While he isn’t satisfied with where his game or national ranking is yet, Savon Sutton hasn’t gotten used to the attention from college programs yet, despite the rapidly increasing interest. After what Sam Sutton described as a slow two months inside because of the COVID-19 pandemic, each week now includes moments that shock and excite him for his son’s future.

No matter how long the list of offers grows or how high his ranking climbs, for the father and son bonded by basketball, the phone call to share the news of Towson’s offer with Sam Sutton in his Tigers’ T-shirt will always be a special one for Savon Sutton.

“The first one was amazing, just because it was my first offer,” Savon Sutton said. “The second one was shocking because it was getting onto a roll, but this just isn’t a regular offer for me because it’s the same school my dad went to. The excitement of this one (was) even higher.”

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