After making York Suburban boys' basketball 'relevant again,' coach Tom Triggs resigns

  • Tom Triggs resigned as York Suburban boys' basketball coach.
  • Triggs will remain in his role as a teacher at York Catholic until he moves.
  • Triggs compiled a 255-177 record in 18 total seasons with the Trojans.
Tom Triggs

When Tom Triggs retired from teaching last June he envisioned a more relaxed lifestyle in his future.

After 36 years of teaching in public schools, Triggs planned to receive his pension and continue to coach the York Suburban High School boys' basketball team until he and his wife decided to move to Florida.

Then the Trojans’ coach got an offer he couldn’t refuse. York Catholic High offered him a full-time gig teaching world history, and since it’s a private school, Triggs’ pension wouldn’t interfere.

Life was good until the workload and challenges of being at two different schools started to take its toll on Triggs. So, the 58-year-old decided one job had to go and recently resigned as head coach of the Trojans.

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“That kind of threw me a curve ball, because (when) I was in York Suburban ... I was with my players all day,” Triggs said of the move to teach at York Catholic. “This past year being in a different location I was running around more retired than when I was teaching. Something had to give, so I decided it was going to be basketball.”

Building the program: Triggs’ first stint with the Trojans ended in 2012. He returned in 2016 to help the team regain the success it had previously enjoyed, like the District 3 title it won under Triggs in 2009.

The first three seasons with Triggs back in charge didn’t produce the results he wanted, but this past season showed Triggs that the plan to rebuild the program he deployed was on track. York Suburban went 21-8, reached the York-Adams League semifinals and won a game in the PIAA Class 5-A state tournament.

“When I came back, my goal was to make York Suburban relevant again,” Triggs said. “To make sure we were a team to be reckoned with in the county, the district and the state and I think we proved last year as a program that we’re back.” 

Still a freshman, York Suburban standout already has NCAA Division I basketball offer

A bright future: Next season the Trojans return rising senior Aidan Hughley, a Y-A D-II first-team all-star; rising sophomore Savon Sutton, who has received NCAA D-I interest after one season; rising junior Camden Brewer, a Y-A D-II second-team all-star; rising senior Alon Gorham; and the players from a Trojans’ junior varsity team that went 17-1.

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Triggs said his time as a head coach is definitely over. Although he doesn’t envision it, he didn’t rule out potentially helping out at a different school before he moves to Florida and spends his time golfing and on the beach. He added that the new Trojans’ coach needs to run the team the way they want and his presence would only make that more difficult.

Tom Triggs talks to his York Suburban players in 2017.

“I have proven, at least to myself, that I can run a successful program,” said Triggs, who was also a star player at Suburban. “I feel good about what our staff has done over the years. I will be around the games and watch the games, but they don’t need me looking over their shoulder.”

After 18 years in charge of the Trojans’ program and an overall record of 255-177, Triggs is proud of the coaching career he had. He will miss coaching the team, but wanted to make sure when he left the program was in the right spot to continue the success from last season.

“I think the program should be very excited about the near future, but the youth program is very, very successful,” Triggs said. “I think it’s a great time to get out. I’m really excited to watch some of their games next year. So, I have no regrets. I’m so excited for my wife and I, but I’m also very, very excited for the program and the direction the program should go from here.”

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