Former Central York coach Kevin Schieler getting hoops fix by joining WOYK broadcast team

  • Kevin Schieler joined the WOYK radio team.
  • Schieler and WOYK general manager Darrell Henry have done four games this season.
  • Schieler also hosts a basketball coaching podcast.
Kevin Schieler is seen here during his days as the Central York boys' basketball head coach.

Kevin Schieler couldn’t make it one whole year away from basketball.

The former Central York High School boys' coach resigned last March, citing the lack of the energy required to lead a successful program after thousands of hours spent on the sideline during a 16-year career. While his enthusiasm for spending late nights watching game film had dwindled, his love for the sport didn’t.

Now, Schieler can be found in local gyms talking basketball on game days, but in a different location and in a new role. The former Panthers’ coach has joined Sports Radio WOYK (98.9 FM, 1350 AM) on high school basketball broadcasts this season.

“I thought it would be fun (and) keep me involved in the game because I obviously love the game of basketball,” Schieler said. “It’s nice to be able to go home after school, have dinner with the family and still be able to see junior varsity and varsity basketball games. At the same time, not be up until 2 a.m. stressing over what happened during those games.”

Kevin Schieler says he no longer has energy needed to be Central York's basketball coach

Joining Henry: Schieler approached WOYK general manager and play-by-play broadcaster Darrell Henry before the season and offered to cover any games the radio station needed help with.

Originally Henry didn’t expect there to be much room for Schieler, but when former York Catholic girls' coach Andy Bria needed to take time off because his wife was at high risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, Schieler ended up with a full schedule of games.

“I was excited,” Henry said of his response when Schieler reached out. “I had always enjoyed our interactions. When he was on the sideline, he was always great to deal with and I could tell he was enthusiastic and passionate about it and I thought it would be a great match.”

Nervous debut: The duo’s first game was the Jan. 11 meeting between Northeastern and Red Lion. Schieler admitted he stumbled through the pregame coaches interview and didn’t feel comfortable until the contest started.

“I was very nervous going into our first game at Red Lion, but once the game gets going, a lot of the nerves settled in,” Schieler said. “It’s a fast-paced game, Darrell is so great with the play-by-play and as soon as there’s a lull in the action if I wanted to say something I did. After that first quarter, I got settled in and it was a lot of fun. It’s just talking basketball, and I know I can do that more than people want to hear.”

Despite Schieler’s self-criticisms, Henry called his new partner a natural and said their rhythm working together has grown in each of the four games they've done this year. The first four broadcasts have been of York-Adams League Division I teams. Schieler knows those teams very well, since he faced them just last year. He's especially familiar with the Panthers' players he coached for years.

“It’s a unique thing to have him be so closely removed from competition,” Henry said. “In my role, I want to tap into that perspective as much as I can and help him bring that out.”

York Revolution Play-by-Play Broadcaster Darrell Henry, right looks at the roster with pitcher Ross Detwiler during practice at PeoplesBank Park in York City, Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Dawn J. Sagert photo

Eliminating 'we' moments: With Schieler being away from coaching for such a short time, one thing he knows he needs to work on is removing the term “we” from broadcasts of Central York games.

Schieler said he slipped up a few times during Tuesday night’s game at York High but didn’t hear anything about it from Henry.

Henry said it’s understandable that Schieler still feels connected to the players he coached for years and still teaches at Central York. He added that loyal listeners know Henry is guilty of the occasional “we” during a York College or York Revolution broadcast, so he doesn't want to be critical of his new partner. Henry added that he is interested in having Schieler join him on York College basketball broadcasts in the future.

“We’re very lucky to have him be part of our lineup now, and as long as he wants to continue doing it, we’ll have him,” Henry said. “Four games in, I’m really excited he’s part of our team.”

Still doing podcast: In addition to working with Henry, Schieler continues to be a member of the "Early Retirement: The High School Hoops Coaching Podcast," with former Elizabethtown boys’ basketball coach Rocky Parise.

Schieler and Parise have recorded 17 episodes so far. In each podcast, they speak to basketball coaches at different levels about the sport.

It’s not the same as being on the sidelines but, for now at least, Schieler's new ventures are enough to keep him close to the sport he loves, If nothing else, the radio broadcasts get him admission to watch local hoops live every week. In this era of limited attendance, he's one of the fortunate few to get into the gyms.

Central York coach Kevin Schieler celebrates as the Panthers won the York-Adams League boys' basketball title in 2020.

“I knew when making the decision to step down from coaching there were going to be things I would miss,” Schieler said. “Being able to do the podcast and now being able to call games has been a big help with that because it allows me to do the things I love — analyze the game and watch, enjoy and be a fan of high school basketball, which I have always been. It’s been a nice little fix for those things.”

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