PIAA plans baseball pitch count rule for next season


MECHANICSBURG — The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association plans to limit the number of pitches high school baseball players can throw.

The proposal would put the PIAA in line with a national organization's directive.

Spring Grove's Matt Brooks delivers a pitch during the high school season. The PIAA plans to institute pitch-count rules for next season.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the National Federation of State High School Associations is changing the rule to protect teens from overusing their arms.

Each state will be allowed to establish its own pitch-count rules.

Currently, pitchers in the PIAA, which follows the national group's rules, are limited by innings pitched rather than pitch counts, according to rules established in 1990. One pitch constituted an inning.

PIAA officials say new rules to take effect next season will be recommended to the association's board of directors, which must approve such changes. Pitch-count restrictions may also be instituted for junior varsity and junior high teams.