Wednesday, PIAA will review how fall sports fared during COVID-19 pandemic

Erie Times-News (TNS)

The PIAA Board of Directors will meet on Wednesday with fall sports as the main subject of discussion.

The board will review how things went in a challenging fall season with COVID-19 and review recommendations from different fall sports steering committees.

The football steering committee did not have any actions for the board to take, but the committee had several items that could be discussed for the future. The list includes starting the season earlier, reducing the number of PIAA playoff qualifiers, using home sites for the higher seeds and possibly holding the state championships before Thanksgiving to end the season earlier and give athletes a break before winter sports.

The volleyball and tennis steering committees submitted to the board an item to reduce the number of qualifiers in the spring for boys' volleyball and boys' tennis if COVID-19 conditions warrant the reduction.

The golf steering committee is asking for the board to eliminate regionals for the 2021 season, which was done in 2020 because of COVID-19 concerns.

The golf committee is also proposing that alternate golfers only be allowed to compete in regional or championship play if they reach a certain requirement during district play.

One item from the football steering committee that could bear discussion on the board level is language to add to the supplemental disqualification form when an athlete or coach is ejected from a contest and is subject to the harsher penalty. The language would be to assist schools in completing the process of the coach or athlete serving the supplemental disqualification and becoming eligible.