District 3 officials announce a $165,000 loss during the 2018-19 athletic season

The (Carlisle) Sentinel (TNS)
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District 3 officials delivered some rather sobering financial news on Thursday.

During the District 3 board of directors meeting,Treasurer Robert Baker provided an update on the 2017-18 and 2018-19 athletic years. He said District 3 lost about $165,000 in 2018-19, down from about $215,000 the year before. The biggest reason for losses in 2018-19 remained football revenue, he said, which took in $10,000 less in revenue from the year prior.

Baker said changes to the postseason — having the highest seeds host games in basketball, football and soccer during all rounds except the championships (football’s highest seeds hosted championships as well this season) — have cut expenses and improved attendance.

The District 3 Individual Wrestling Championships left Giant Center for two schools, which Bohannon said saved $25,000 this year. Baker expects the 2019-20 financials to be an improvement over the previous years.

Baker said he compared the average football revenue of the 2011-16 seasons against the recent seasons. In 2018-19, there was $160,000 less in revenue compared to the average of the previous years. He said even with improvements in 2019-20, the difference is still about $68,000 this past year compared to 2011-16. The 2019 fall season saw an increase in profit of about $130,000, he said.