New PIAA rule would make it harder for girls competing in boys' golf championships

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (TNS)
  • The PIAA is considering a change to its postseason golf rules.
  • Currently, girls competing vs. boys play from shorter tees than the boys.
  • The new rule would mandate that girls' competing vs. boys play from the same tees.
  • The proposed rule would not apply to regular-season team matches.

Carmichaels High School junior Remmey Lohr made history last fall when she became the first girl to play in the District 7 boys' golf championships and ended up finishing third in Class 2-A.

A female, however, will be a “longer shot” to have such success in a future boys' championship.

At a board of directors meeting Monday, the PIAA approved on a second-reading basis a new rule that will make any girl in a boys' individual championship (district or PIAA) to play from the same tees as the boys. It will be a mere formality for the rule to pass a third and final reading.

Under the previous rule, Lohr played from tees 15% closer to the hole than the boys. Besides finishing third at the District 7 boys' championship, she finished second at the PIAA western regional. She didn’t play well at the PIAA tournament and finished 30th.

Lohr and her sister, Delaney, both played on the Carmichaels boys' team last season because Carmichaels doesn’t have a girls' team. But a school without a girls' golf team can have only one girl compete in the District 7 championships. So, Delaney competed in the girls' championships while Remmey went after the boys' title.

While the new PIAA rule makes girls play from the same tees as the boys in individual championships, girls will continue to play from the women’s tees when competing in boys' team matches.


Tougher penalty for ejections? The PIAA is considering making a stiffer penalty for coaches or athletes who are ejected from games for either bumping or making contact with an official, or for abusive language or behavior toward an official or opponent.

The current rule makes an athlete or a coach ineligible for one game after being ejected. But the PIAA is considering making the penalty two games for all sports and 1½ for football.

No to 7-on-7 practice: Voting no on 7-on-7 The PIAA voted down a proposal from the football steering committee that would allow for a 7-on-7 non-contact practice with another school after the required five days of heat acclimatization in August.

Teams still will be allowed to hold a full-contact scrimmage the following Friday before playing their first game a week later in Week Zero.

Transfer news: The board added a provision to its by-laws that would allow students who transfer after 10th grade to be eligible for the postseason if the student’s family can prove the transfer was necessitated by “an involuntary substantial change in financial condition and resources that compel withdrawal from a school.”

Collision sports: The board approved a provision that bans students who have reached the age of 19 from participating in any practice for the collision sports of football, wrestling and boys lacrosse. The exceptions are students who reach 19 on or after July 1.

Jerry DiPaola of The (Greensburg) Tribune-Review contributed to this report.