HOUSEHOLDER: Port Royal Speedway welcomes World of Outlaws for rain-delayed Tuscarora 50

  • Port Royal Speedway will hold the rain-delayed Tuscarora 50 this weekend.
  • The event will be sanctioned by the World of Outlaws.

It's been a dirt-track season when seemingly every weekend had events hampered by weather.

Port Royal’s legendary Tuscarora 50 is one of the races that was postponed by rain. As it now stands, the Tuscarora 50 will end the local 410 sprint season when it is reeled off this Saturday evening.

Lance Dewease

The show this Saturday will be a major departure from Tuscarora 50 events of the past. First off, it will be run a full month later than any other Tuscarora 50 in history. It will mark the first time the Tuscarora race has ended the local season. It might also be the first time that a local race that was scheduled to be sanctioned by the All Stars ended up being sanctioned by the World of Outlaws.

There will be a lot of local history flying around this weekend when the Outlaws come to town to end the local racing season, that’s for sure.

The Tuscarora 50 was first held in 1968 and has been run every year since then. That makes this the 51st running of the event. Last year for the 50th running, the winner’s share was upped dramatically to $50,000. This year the race pays $51,000 to win.

For many years, the race was held on Friday nights, but then it was moved to Saturday with the Friday before the "Tusky" becoming known as “The Night Before the 50." This year, “The Night Before the 50" got in the record books before the rains ended the 50 itself just a few laps into the first heat race. Since the Outlaw show this weekend at the Port is a two-day show, it begs a question: Will the Friday night program be known as “The Night Before the 50 II”?

Legendary local racer Mitch Smith won the first three Tuscarora races, including the 1969 edition, which up to now was the latest the event was ever held. That race was on Sept. 27, 1969.

Doug Wolfgang won the "Tusky" four times in a row from 1984 thru 1987. Last year’s winner, Lance Dewease, has a record six Tuscarora 50 wins to his credit. Ironically, Dewease has won the race for five different car owners. His first came with Walter Dyer, followed by Joe Harz, Al Hamilton, Pete Postupak and then the last two years for Donnie Kreitz Jr., who has himself won the race three times.

Which brings up another point.  Kreitz is one of only 10 drivers who has won an Outlaw race at the Port.

As a car owner, Kreitz is tied with  Hamilton and Bob Weikert for the most Tuscarora 50 wins. Kreitz has three wins as an owner/driver and two as a car owner. Hamiton won with Smokey Snellbaker, Fred Rahmer (three times) and Dewease.  Weikert won once with Kenny Weld and four times with Wolfgang.

However, Kreitz isn’t the only team that has won both the Tuscarora 50 and an Outlaw race at the Port. Hanover’s Bobby Allen has two Tuscarora 50 wins to his credit, while his grandson, Logan Schuchart, has an Outlaw win there.

Lynn Paxton and Wolfgang both have Tuscarora 50 and Outlaw wins at the Port.

Last year’s Outlaw winner at the Port, Donny Schatz, is the only driver with two Outlaw wins there. Local racer turned Outlaw Brent Marks has a Tuscarora 50 triumph on his resume.

The last driver to win a sprint race at the Port this year is young Freddie Rahmer. In fact, young Rahmer has won the last two sprint races at the Port, including the original “Night Before the 50.'” The younger Rahmer has not won the Tuscarora 50, but his Hall of Fame father, Fred Rahmer, owns four wins in the event.

Only Steve and Stevie Smith have been able to score father-son victories in the Tuscarora 50. “Big Steve” won in 1975, while Stevie has wins in 1988 and 2011.

Wolfe locks up title: With last weekend’s cancellation at Port Royal, Lucas Wolfe has locked up the point title on the Champion Racing Oil/Sterling Lubricants Central Pennsylvania Point Series Tour.

Wolfe has enough of a lead that no one can surpass him.

Greg Hodnett, who was leading the series at the time of his fatal accident, is still second, but should Freddie Rahmer or Danny Dietrich have a good weekend at the Port, one or both drivers could surpass him.

Brian Montieth is fifth, but Dewease has a mathematical chance of catching him.

Bryan Householder writes about dirt track racing for The York Dispatch. He can be reached at


9/21/68    Mitch Smith #5
9/27/69    Mitch Smith #5
9/11/70    Mitch Smith #5
9/11/71    Smokey Snellbaker#77
9/8/72    Lynn Paxton #1
9/7/73    Kenny Weld #29
9/7/74    Lynn Paxton #1
9/12/75    Steve Smith #19
9/10/76    Jimmy Nace #44
9/17/77    Garry Howsare #1
9/8/78    Keith Kauffman #33
9/7/79    Smokey Snellbaker#56
9/5/80    Lynn Paxton #1
9/11/81    George Ferguson #52
9/10/82    Bobby Allen #1A
9/9/83    Dave Blaney #10
9/7/84    Doug Wolfgang #29
9/6/85    Doug Wolfgang #29
9/5/86    Doug Wolfgang #29
9/25/87    Doug Wolfgang #29
9/9/88    Stevie Smith #19
9/8/89    Bobby Allen #1A
9/7/90    Todd Shaffer #11
9/6/91    Todd Shaffer #11
9/11/92    Lenny Krautheim #3K
9/10/93    Donnie Kreitz #69k
9/9/94    Lance Dewease #461
9/8/95    Todd Shaffer #88
9/20/96    Fred Rahmer #77
9/5/97    Fred Rahmer #77
9/12/98    Greg Hodnett #12
9/11/99    Donnie Kreitz Jr.#69
9/9/00    Fred Rahmer #77
9/8/01    Lance Dewease #88h
9/7/02    Lance Dewease #77
9/6/03    Keith Kauffman #7
9/11/04    Greg Hodnett #12
9/10/05    Fred Rahmer #88h
9/9/06    Lance Dewease #25
9/8/07    Doug Esh #30
9/7/08    Mike Erdley #11
9/12/09    Greg Hodnett #22
9/11/10    Brian Montieth #21
9/10/11    Stevie Smith #1
9/8/12    Doug Esh #30
9/17/13    Donnie KreitzJr#69k
9/6/14    Greg Hodnett#27
9/13/15    Brent Marks #19M
9/10/16    Lance Dewease #69K
9/9/17    Lance Dewease #69k