HOUSEHOLDER: All Stars more competitive with Pa. Posse

  • The All Stars went 3-3 vs. the Pennsylvania Posse this season.
  • For the All Stars, Dale Blaney won twice and Chad Kemenah won once.
  • For the Pennsylvania Posse, Danny Dietrich won twice and Brian Montieth won once.

The All Star Circuit of Champions was formed in 1969, with the organization's first races in 1970.

The series raced on and off during the early part of the 1970s, then disbanded for several years, returning to full-time action in 1979. The group has been at it ever since.

All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Series owner Tony Stewart made a racing appearance at the Tuscarora 50 at Port Royal Speedway over the weekend.

At times, the series didn’t bring many cars when it came to central Pennsylvania, but in recent years all that has changed. The All Stars bring at least a dozen cars with them on each of their visits to the east now, and often times a few more than that.

Nowadays, they even win a few local races. There was a time when that didn’t happen. So far this year, if you count Bedford as a central Pennsylvania track, the record stands at three wins for the Pennsylvania Posse and three wins for the All Stars. Dale Blaney has won at Port Royal and Grandview for the All Stars, while Chad Kemenah took the All Star win at Bedford. For the Posse, Danny Dietrich has wins at Lincoln and Selinsgrove, while Brian Montieth won at Williams Grove.

The All Stars still have never won a sanctioned race at Williams Grove and they have only ever won once in a sanctioned race at Lincoln.

One thing is for certain, when the All Stars come east, fans are sure to see something different. While his NASCAR schedule doesn’t allow All Star series owner Tony Stewart to make it to all of his races, when he is in town he’s very noticeable. At Grandview on Thursday, Stewart was very visible directing things on the track from his dirt bike.

Saturday at Lincoln, Stewart wasn’t there since he was racing over the weekend at Bristol. Still, fans got a surprise when “the King of the Outlaws,” Steve Kinser, drove an Arctic Cat machine behind the pace truck during the pace laps before the feature. Arctic Cat is the series sponsor.

DIRT TRACK RACING: Dietrich wins Lincoln All Star race

During his career as a driver, Fred Rahmer won 25 All Star races. Now as a car owner, Rahmer offered up plenty of support for the All Star series. Rahmer fielded three cars at Grandview, two at Williams Grove and three at Lincoln. Stevie Smith finished third at Grandview, while at Williams Grove, Smith was fourth and Freddie Rahmer was 10th, At Lincoln, all three of Rahmer’s cars made the top 10.  Freddie Rahmer was fifth, Brandon Rahmer was sixth and Smith was 10th.


This week: This week’s racing action starts and ends with big $5,000-to-win races.

The first is Tuesday night’s Jersey Rush at New Egypt Speedway in New Jersey. Len Sammons and Bob Miller promote the big show, which features the local Pennsylvania Posse sprint cars and the modifieds.

Sunday night, Fred Rahmer presents another Party at the Path, with the sprint cars headlining at Path Valley. The 600cc micro sprints also race there.

In between, there's plenty of racing action as well. Friday, Williams Grove presents another of the Yellow Breeches 500 sprint car events. It's a regular handicapped sprint car race, but last place pays $500. The 358 sprints also compete at the Grove on Friday.

Trailway races Friday with the 358 sprints, 600cc micro sprints, street stocks and classic cars. On Saturday, Trailway has a limited stock championship, along with figure-eight racing and a demo derby.

Lincoln hosts the sprints, the Nouse Signs and Graphics Summer Series for the 358 sprints, street stocks and kids' big-wheel races on Saturday, while Port Royal has sprints, late models and 305 sprints on its Saturday slate.

Susquehanna has super sportsmen, ARDC Midgets, extreme stocks and road warriors on Saturday, while Selinsgrove has 360 sprints, late models, pro stocks and roadrunners on Saturday.

50 years ago: On this weekend 50 years ago, Ray Tilley put together another three wins. Tilley parked Bud Grimm’s No. 88 in victory lane at Williams Grove on both Wednesday and Friday, and then at Selinsgrove on Sunday. Those wins pushed Tilley’s win count for the year to 37.

Mitch Smith had a two-win weekend, with victories at Port Royal Saturday and Hagerstown Sunday. For Smith and the Flock Brothers Flying Tiger No. 2, the season win count climbed to 20.

Hilly Rife added Wednesday shows at Susquehanna to counter the Wednesday shows at the Grove, and in the first of those shows, Bobby Ballentine drove the Reds Kagle No. 8 coupe to his second win of the season. That win also marked the final win for a “heavy” (full-sized stock car) on the local circuit.

Other single winners that weekend were Wrightsville’s Bobby Abel, who drove his own No. 2 to his 16th win of the season on Friday at Dorsey, Maryland. On the same night, Ray Dovel drove the Lee Stultz No. S-3 to his 16th win of the season at Winchester, Virginia.

York’s Paul Miller made it two in a row with his win at Lincoln Saturday in Ken Appler’s No. 76, and Milt Miller won at Everett on Saturday for his third win of the season in the No. 5x.

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1. 27 Greg Hodnett  1596 15
2. 48 Danny Dietrich 1149 6
3. 1 Lucas Wolfe  859 3
4. 21 Brian Montieth 803 5
5. 19M Brent Marks  731 2
6. 87 Alan Krimes  681 1
7. 69k Lance Dewease 654 9
8. 07 Doug Esh  594 2
9. 51s Stevie Smith  534 1
10. 51 Freddie Rahmer 488 2
11. 94 Ryan Smith  454
12. 25 Aaron Ott  430 1
13. 3z Brock Zearfoss 430 2
14. 11c Cory Haas  352
15 52 Austin Hogue  338 1
16. 17B Steve Buckwalter 266 2
17. 12 Blane Heimbach 255 1
18. 20 Ryan Taylor  218
19. 15 Adam Wilt  216
20. 16 Gerard McIntyre Jr 215
21. M1 Mark Smith  212
22. 55k Robbie Kendall 211
23. 55 Mike Wagner  205
24. 1 Dale Blaney  198 2
25. 8 Billy Dietrich  197 1