HOUSEHOLDER: Fans flock to Pa. Sprint Car Speedweek

  • Lance Dewease won at Lincoln Speedway on Saturday, earning $7,000.
  • Greg Hodnett won at Path Valley Speedway on Sunday, earning $6,600.
  • The next Pa. Sprint Car Speedway event is Tuesday at Grandview.

The Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek is underway.

Speedweek got off to a rocky start when very heavy rain hit Williams Grove Speedway on Friday evening just after warm-ups for the sprint cars, causing the cancellation of the first night of racing.

On the second night, Saturday at Lincoln Speedway, 40 sprint cars and an overflow crowd were on hand. Lance Dewease won that one after taking the lead from Lucas Wolfe and then fending off both Stevie Smith and Danny Dietrich. The win was Dewease’s fourth of the season. Dewease got $7,000 for that one.

Lance Dewease will be among those honored this weekend at Port Royal Speedway during the running of the Tuscarora 50. The event will pay $50,000 to the winner.

Sunday at Path Valley Speedway, there were 29 sprint cars on hand and another large crowd. Spring Grove’s Greg Hodnett won that one, but again not until surviving several fierce battles. Hodnett led the first lap, but then was passed by Wolfe. Hodnett regained the lead on the ninth lap, and led the rest of the way. However, Bryan Clauson’s “Circular Insanity Tour” was very much in evidence at “The Path.” Clauson’s 89th race of 2016 included a fierce battle with Hodnett during the middle stages of the race. In the end, Clauson, who raced in this year’s Indy 500, had to settle for second place. Hodnett’s win was worth $6,600.

Speedweek picks up again at Grandview Speedway on Tuesday evening. The sprint cars go for 35 laps, with $5,000 on the line for the winner. The Grandview modifieds also compete.

Wednesday evening, it’s south of the border to Hagerstown Speedway in Maryland, where the sprints race 30 laps for $5,000 to win. The Eastern Museum of Motor Racing will have track time with their vintage race cars.

The first of Port Royal Speedway’s two 2016 Speedweek shows is Thursday evening. It's a 30-lap feature for the sprints with $7,000 for the winner. The econo late models are also part of the program

The “crown Jewel” of Speedweek is Friday’s Mitch Smith Memorial Race at Williams Grove. The 30-lap race offers $10,000 to the winner. The PASS 305 sprints also race.

It’s back to Port Royal on Saturday for a 30-lap feature with $5,000 to the winner. The late models and Xtreme stocks also race.

Speedweek wraps up on Sunday evening at Selinsgrove Speedway for the running of the Jan Opperman/Dick Bogar Memorial Race. It's a 30-lap feature with $5,000 to win. The PASS 305 sprints and the pro stocks also compete.

Clauson invaded for the early part of Speedweek and some others will join him at some of the shows. Sunday at Path Valley, Ohio’s Cole Duncan and Lernerville champ A.J. Flick both competed.

At last week’s DIRT modified race at Williams Grove, former NASCAR Cup competitor Dave Blaney told me he will join up with Speedweek at Hagerstown and stick around for the rest of the series.

Hodnett continues dominance with win at Path Valley


Other races: Trailway Speedway hosts the 358 sprints and both the 270cc and 600cc micro sprints on Friday. The street stocks also compete. On Saturday, Trailway has a junk car demolition race, along with limited-stock, figure-eight and powder-puff events.

Path Valley hosts the wingless super sportsman cars Friday.

Lincoln will give the sprints Saturday off for Port Royal’s Speedweek event, but the 358 sprints will compete in the second leg of the Nouse Signs and Graphics Summer Series. The PASS 305 sprints and the Xcell 600cc modifieds are also on hand

Susquehanna has a big program lined up for Saturday, with the Firecracker 40 for the super sportsman racers and the Topless 40 for the limited late models. The street stocks also compete and the EMMR cars will be there as well.

1966: A big holiday weekend 50 years ago saw Ray Tilley add three wins to his season total. Tilley, in Bud Grimm’s No. $88 Ford, won at Williams Grove on Friday, Selinsgrove on Saturday and again at Williams Grove on Sunday. He ended the weekend with 16 wins on the season.

Not to be outdone, Wrightsville’s Bobby Abel also posted a three-win weekend. Abel in his own orange-and-blue Gohn Jeweler’s No. 2 won at Dorsey, Maryland, on Friday, Lincoln on Saturday, and Susquehanna on Sunday. Abel ended the weekend with 14 wins on the season.

To the south, Ray Dovel, in the Lee Stultz No. S-3, added two wins to his season total with victories at Winchester, Virginia, on Friday and Hagerstown on Sunday. Dovel’s season win total was upped to 12.

Bedford Speedway hosted two races Friday evening that year, with Bob Carnes in the No. 2 and Gerald Chamberlain in the Don Rice Ford No. 31 each scoring a win. Carnes' win was his first of the season, while Chamberlain upped his win total to three.

Veteran racer Pete Swarmer drove his own No. 1 to his fifth win of the season in Saturday’s show at Port Royal, while out at Everett’s South Penn Speedway, Muss Weyandt got his second win of the season in the No. 5.

Bryan Householder writes about dirt-track racing for The York Dispatch. He can be reached at




1. 27 Greg Hodnett  1128 13
2. 48 Danny Dietrich 618 2
3. 21 Brian Montieth 502 3
4. 1/5W Lucas Wolfe  497 1
5. 19M Brent Marks  464 1
6. 07 Doug Esh  371 1
7. 87 Alan Krimes  326
8. 25 Aaron Ott  315 1
9. 52 Austin Hogue  292 1
10. 69k Lance Dewease 283 4
11. 11c Cory Haas  274
12. 51 Freddie Rahmer 272 1
13. 3z Brock Zearfoss 270 1
14. 94 Ryan Smith  259
15. 17B Steve Buckwalter 224 2
16. M1 Mark Smith  202
17. 12 Blane Heimbach 176 1
18. 51s Stevie Smith  172
19. 16 Gerard McIntyre Jr 171
20. 55K Robbie Kendall 166
21. 55 Mike Wagner  163
22. 15 Adam Wilt  153
23. 59 Jim Siegel  150
24. 8 Billy Dietrich  144 1
25. 20 Ryan Taylor  131



1. 27 Greg Hodnett  331 1
2. 1 Lucas Wolfe  271
3. 48 Danny Dietrich 267
4. 19m Brent Marks  257
5. 25 Aaron Ott  217
6. 87 Alan Krimes  213
7. 17w Bryan Clauson 198
8. 21 Brian Montieth 194
9. 69k Lance Dewease 166 1
10. 11c Cory Haas  156
11. 51s Stevie Smith  143
12. 94 Ryan Smith  141
13. 07 Doug Esh  138
14. 23 T J Stutts  131
15. 22 Cole Duncan  117
16. 55 Mike Wagner  105
17. 55K Robbie Kendall 100
18. 8 Billy Dietrich  93
18. 2 A J Flick  93
20. 15 Adam Wilt  87
21. 59 Jim Siegel  84
22. 3z Brock Zearfoss 81
23. 51 Freddie Rahmer 73
24. 5 Tyler Ross  52
25. 19 Colby Womer  46