Former team doctor for Penn State football program has whistleblower lawsuit dismissed

(Wilkes-Barre) Times-Leader (TNS)
Dr. Scott Lynch

A former team doctor at Penn State has had his lawsuit against PSU head coach James Franklin, athletic director Sandy Barbour and the university dismissed, because of a ruling that he missed the deadline to file it.

PennLive first reported Wednesday that a Dauphin County judge wrote that Dr. Scott Lynch missed the 180-day deadline to file a whistleblower complaint. Lynch alleged last August that he was pressured by Franklin to prematurely clear injured players to return to action and that when he reported his concerns up the chain to Barbour, he was ultimately removed from his position as team doctor.

James Franklin

Franklin, Barbour and Penn State have denied the accusations, with school officials saying that Lynch was replaced by his predecessor, Dr. Wayne Sebastianelli, because of his proximity to the university. Lynch commuted from Hershey and remains employed by Penn State.

Lynch’s suit was filed Aug. 23, which the court found to be three days after the deadline, having had his exit interview as team doctor on Feb. 21.

Sandy Barbour

Franklin and the football program remain embroiled in a separate lawsuit filed by former player Isaiah Humphries, who alleges he was the target of hazing and sexual harassment before his transfer to Cal. Humphries, the son of former Penn State letterman Leonard Humphries, alleges his concerns were not treated seriously by Franklin. Defensive lineman Damion Barber is also a defendant in the suit.

Penn State and Franklin have denied the claims, saying that both local and university police investigated the matter with no charges being filed. Penn State is seeking to have Humphries’ suit dismissed as well.