Taking a look at the Big Ten football standings, by graduation rates

(Allentown) Morning Call (TNS)

Michigan and Northwestern lead the Big Ten football standings not only in wins but also in graduation-success rates, according to NCAA figures released Wednesday.

Big Ten

Northwestern has the conference’s highest GSR (99 percent), while Michigan tops the East division with an 87-percent GSR, the figures show. Penn State’s GSR is 82 percent, two points lower than last year.

The NCAA’s latest report measures graduation-success rates for student-athletes entering school from the 2008-2011 academic calendars. The NCAA says its GSR measurement is more accurate than federal graduation rates, because it includes incoming transfer students and spring enrollees and does not include athletes who leave and were academically ineligible.

Penn State’s overall GSR for student-athletes is 90 percent, which tied a school record and is four points higher than the four-year graduation rate for all students.

Eight Penn State teams posted GSRs of 100 percent, including the national-championship wrestling team. Others were field hockey, women’s golf, women’s gymnastics, women’s hockey, women’s tennis, men’s hockey and men’s tennis.

In addition, according to Penn State, 20 of its 27 varsity programs had GSRs higher than the national average for their sports.

How do Big Ten football teams compare? Here are the conference standings by GSR, with records in parentheses.


Michigan 87 percent (7-0, 9-1)

Maryland 84 percent (3-4, 5-5)

Indiana 83 percent (2-5, 5-5)

Michigan State 82 percent (4-3, 6-4)

Penn State 82 percent (4-3, 7-3)

Rutgers 78 percent (0-7, 1-9)

Ohio State 64 percent (6-1, 9-1)


Northwestern 99 percent (6-1, 6-4)

Minnesota 89 percent (2-5, 5-5)

Wisconsin 86 percent (4-3, 6-4)

Nebraska 82 percent (2-5, 3-7)

Illinois 81 percent (2-5, 4-6)

Iowa 80 percent (3-4, 6-4)

Purdue 77 percent (4-3, 5-5)