Johnson PSU's top-rated NFL prospect

(Allentown) Morning Call (TNS)

The NFL Combine invitations are out, and five former Penn State players will be in Indianapolis later this month. Here's the list.

Defensive tackle Austin Johnson, 99, is Penn State's highest-rated NFL prospect.

Quarterback Christian Hackenberg

Defensive tackle Austin Johnson

Safety Jordan Lucas

Defensive end Carl Nassib

Defensive tackle Anthony Zettel

More interesting, however, are the prospect rankings given each player, according to None of Penn State's five invitees is projected as an "instant starter," "Pro Bowl-caliber player" or better.

In fact, all five are graded as either an NFL backup, special teams player or possible starter.

Here's part of's grade description, followed by Penn State's player grades.

4.75-4.99: Should be in an NFL training camp

5.00: 50-50 chance to make and NFL roster

5.01-5.19: Better-than-average chance to make an NFL roster

5.20-5.49: NFL backup or special teams potential

5.50-5.99: Chance to become NFL starter

6.00-6.49: Should become instant starter

6.50-6.99: Chance to become Pro Bowl-caliber player

7.00-7.49: Pro Bowl-caliber player

7.50-7.99: Future All-Pro

8.00-8.99: Perennial All-Pro

9.00-10: Once-in-a-lifetime player

For Penn State, Austin Johnson Johnson has the highest ceiling, according to

Austin Johnson: 5.91

Christian Hackenberg: 5.61

Carl Nassib: 5.61

Anthony Zettel: 5.32

Jordan Lucas: 5.23