Penn State's Wartman changes name to honor his mother


This is a Mother's Day gift Veronica White will remember every time her son makes a tackle or even intercepts a pass for Penn State this fall.

Nyeem Wartman has changed his name to honor her and his stepfather.

The linebacker from Valley View, who is slated to take over the middle linebacker spot in the fall after a breakthrough 2014 season, announced on his Facebook page that he is changing his name to Nyeem Wartman-White, which is how he will be referred in 2015.

"I watched this wonderful woman provide for her own kids and others people's children when she didn't have to," Wartman-White wrote on his Facebook page announcing the change. "Because she and my step dad work so hard to provide a roof and clothes on the backs of my little sisters, she can't make it to all my games, causing her to watch. Since she was the one who raised me my whole life I feel she has the right to see her last name on the child she has raised and provided for. I want her to feel appreciated every time the announcers say my name and when the journalists write articles about me.

"My family is my motivation, and she deserves this."

Wartman-White was second on the team with 75 tackles last season.

"He's got a really bright future, in a lot of different ways — emotionally, academically, he has really grown, and we're excited about him," Penn State coach James Franklin said of Wartman-White. "I loved what he did for his mother for Mother's Day. You're talking about a guy who is just really appreciative of what he has."