UPDATED: Reported new look for York Revolution mascot DownTown was April Fool's prank

The York Revolution mascot, DownTown, is shown here in a file photo. The mascot's look will not change in 2020.

Wednesday, the York Revolution sent out a news release saying that the team's mascot, DownTown, was undergoing some changes.

In the news release, the Revs said the mascot was changing colors from blue to gold and would have a slimmer appearance. Some other, more subtle changes were also detailed.

The team also sent out a photo with the mascot's new outfit. The news of the mascot changes was reported in Thursday's Dispatch sports section.

Thursday, the team sent out an updated news release saying it was an April Fool's prank. 

The release said, in part: “Umm…got ya! Hope you all had a happy and fun April Fool’s Day!”

Above is a photo that the York Revolution sent out on April 1 showing the reported new look of the team mascot, DownTown. The Revs sent out a release the next day saying it was an April Fool's joke.