With York County interleague play almost over, Central League holds dominating advantage

Glen Rock catcher Jonathan Lugo waits for a throw at home plate in action from earlier this season. Glen Rock finished 8-0 in interleague action against Susquehanna League teams this season.
  • This was the first season of York County interleague baseball action.
  • With one interleague game left, the Central League holds a 41-22 edge.
  • Glen Rock finished interleague action at 8-0. Stoverstown was 7-1.

With one exception, the first year of York County interleague baseball play between the rival Central and Susquehanna leagues finished up on Saturday.

With just one make-up game outstanding, the CL holds a dominating 41-22 advantage against the SL this season.

That strong mark is boosted by six of the eight teams in the Central League currently having winning records against their SL opponents.

Glen Rock, which is tied atop the CL standings with Stoverstown, finished with an unblemished 8-0 mark. The Tigers also sported an impressive 7-1 mark.

Mount Wolf (6-2), Jefferson (5-3), Vikings (6-2) and Manchester (4-3) are the other four CL teams that stood up well in interleague play. In fact, Dillsburg at 1-7 is the only CL team with a losing record vs. SL foes.

For the SL, it was another story.

No team finished with a mark above .500. East Prospect (4-4), Conrads (4-4) and Hallam (4-4) all finished .500, while Stewartstown and Jacobus were 3-5.

The only remaining interleague game is Windsor at Manchester at 6 p.m. Wednesday.


A tale of two races: After Sunday's action, East Prospect holds a commanding lead in the race for the SL regular-season title. The Pistons are 23-6 this season, which is 7½ games ahead of second-place Conrads (15-13).

The CL is currently a neck-and-neck, two-team sprint. Both Stoverstown and Glen Rock are even with identical 15-4-2 records (47 points) with just eight games remaining.

After settling for ties in their first two showdowns (0-0 and 2-2), the teams will square off one more time next Tuesday, July 23, at Stoverstown.

Jefferson and Vikings remain mathematically alive, but will need a lot of assistance. Victories in the CL are worth three points while ties are worth one point, so a third tie between the Glen Rock and Stoverstown would certainly help Jefferson and Vikings. The Titans (13-6, 39) trail by eight points while the Vikings (12-8, 36) are 11 points back.

Jefferson has 10 games remaining on the schedule while Vikings still has nine to play. Both of those two each have one game remaining against both Glen Rock and Stoverstown, so it could still get interesting.

Stoverstown's Dylan Spangler connects for an RBI single earlier this season. The Tigers are tied for first place in Central League with Glen Rock at 15-4-2.

All-Star Game at York Township: After last year’s annual All-Star Game between the two leagues was canceled because of a scheduling snafu, the game will take place Saturday at York Township.

The rosters for the contest will be officially unveiled sometime in the next few days.

In addition to the contest, a home-run derby will take place immediately following the game. Young ballplayers and fans are encouraged to assist with the derby by helping to retrieve the baseballs put in and out of play.

East Prospect runner Ryky Smith gets back to first during a pick-off attempt earlier this season. The first-place Pistons enjoy a big lead in the Susquehanna League.

Susquehanna League playoff dates announced: All eight teams in the SL will participate in the playoffs that start in a few weeks.

The best-of-three first-round is slated to take place on Aug. 3, 4 and 6 (if necessary).

Before the semifinals start up, the York County Championship Series, which pits the Central League and Susquehanna League regular-season champs against one another, is scheduled for Aug. 10 and 11.

The SL's best-of-three semifinal round is then slotted for Aug. 13, 15 and 17 (if necessary).

The SL's best-of-five finals is scheduled for Aug. 18, 20, 22, and 24 and 25 (if necessary).

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