Glenn Bair summer bowling tournaments get underway this weekend

Barry Sparks
For The York Dispatch

The Glenn E. Bair summer tournaments, which feature singles, doubles and an optional no-bowl team event, begin Saturday, May 27, and run every weekend through Sunday, Oct. 29, at Hanover Bowling Centre. Squad times are 10 a.m., noon, 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

The tournaments, which paid out nearly $66,000 last year, are among the largest on the East Coast. They attract bowlers from across Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio, New York, Virginia and other states.

"The tournaments are bouncing back from 2020 when we had to cancel them due to COVID," said Kristen Gessner, manager of Hanover Bowling Centre. "We were encouraged by increased numbers last year. We anticipate more participation this year, particularly from bowlers in York and Adams counties."

A new feature this year is an optional no-bowl team event. Teams can consist of any combination of four bowlers. They can be all men, all women or mixed.

Bowlers use doubles and/or singles event scores to calculate their team score. Bowlers must bowl during the same squad, on the same date, and enter prior to bowling.

Singles and doubles consist of four games across eight lanes. Doubles teams can be two men, two women or mixed.

"The no-bowl team event is a fun way to compete," Gessner said. "Bowlers don't have to be competing on the same pair of lanes. Plus, it saves time."

Gessner said there are a number of incentives offered to bowlers. The top two high scores for men and women in singles and doubles each weekend earn $60 for first and $40 for second. Bowlers are limited to one high score per weekend toward those prizes.

On holidays (May 29, July 2 and Sept. 4), the top two highest scores for men and women earn $100 and $50.  Bowlers are limited to one top score per holiday.

There are also prizes for squad organizers. Bowlers can re-enter as many times as they want. Bowlers who roll 40 or more tournament games receive one free entry.

First place in handicap doubles pays $3,000, while second place is worth $1,500. In the scratch division, first place pays $2,000 and second is worth $1,000.

In handicap singles, the winner collects $2,500 and the runner-up earns $1,250. In the scratch category, first place is worth $1,500, while second place pays $750.

The winning team in the handicap category collects $2,000 and the runner-up takes home $1,000. In the scratch division, first place is worth $1,000, while second place pays $500.