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Poff enjoys fun year while posting county's high average

Barry Sparks
For The York Dispatch

Jerred Poff, one of York's top bowlers for two decades, admits his priorities have changed over the past several years.  The 40-year-old got married eight years ago and now he and his wife, Chelsea, have three young daughters.

"The key for me the past two or three years has been to have fun," said Poff, who paced the county with a 247 average for 96 games at Suburban Bowlerama.  "I'm enjoying every night.

Bowler Jerred Poff

"I don't have expectations, but I still want to do my best.  I bowl two nights a week with my wife and good friends and just a couple of tournaments a year."

Other bowlers who averaged 240 or higher last season include Chuck Crone (244), Paul Wolfram (243), Adam Baer (241) and Greg Bruff (240).

Posting the highest average in the county, however, is still meaningful for Poff.  "It's always a good feeling, and it's something I'm proud of."

He acknowledges that it's difficult to compare averages since different centers have varying lane conditions.

Career highlight: One of Poff's highlights last season was rolling an 879 series to set the Suburban Bowlerama record.  He also owns the Colony Park North and county records with an 889 series.

The fun formula seems to work for the talented Windsor resident. Although Poff doesn't take the game as seriously as he did in the past, and he no longer invests in bowling equipment, that may change in the future.  

One thing that hasn't changed for Poff, however, is his mental approach.  "That's the strongest part of my game," he said.  "Once I step on the approach, I can focus and concentrate.  And, I give it everything I have."

As Poff gets older, he appreciates every year and every accomplishment a little more.

"As you age, you realize nobody beats Father Time," he said.


Top averages for 2021-22

(Minimum of 66 games)

Bowler                                    Avg.                Games             Center

Jerred Poff                              247                    96                  Suburban

Chuck Crone                           244                    96                  Suburban

Paul Wolfram                         243                    69                  Suburban

Adam Baer                              241                    90                  Hanover

Greg Bruff                              240                    72                  Colony Park North

Mike Spangler                        239                    93                  Suburban

Benjamin Lamb                      239                  108                  Laser Alleys

Rick Graham                           238                  105                  Colony Park North

Kevin Appnel                         237                    90                  Suburban

Jeff Gibson                              237                    93                  Suburban

Brandon Hinderer                   237                    90                  Suburban

Marc Howard                          237                    96                  Suburban

Chris Green                             236                    81                  Suburban

Terry Miller                            236                    75                  Suburban

Kevin Sollenberger                 236                    93                  Suburban

Andy Carson                           235                  120                  Colony Park North

Jeremy Haines                        235                    68                  Hanover

Ritchie Wolfe                         235                    78                  Suburban

Andrew Miller                        233                    93                  Suburban

Domonic Mottillo                   233                  105                  Laser Alleys

Brian Arnold                           232                    93                  Suburban

Justin Emig                             232                    78                  Suburban

Thomas Moran                        232                    90                  Suburban

Scott Schnur                            232                    93                  East Lincoln

Eric Smith                               232                    96                  Suburban

Dave Woffington                    232                    72                  Suburban