Game plan pays off for doubles team at national bowling tournament

Barry Sparks
For The York Dispatch

A carefully devised game plan, almost flawlessly executed, propelled Andy Carson, of York, and Scott Kincaid, of Elizabethtown, to a 16th-place finish in doubles competition at the United States Bowling Congress  Open Championships in Las Vegas.

More than 7,500 doubles teams competed in the 129-day tournament.  Overall, more than 46,000 bowlers from around the world rolled in singles, doubles and team events.

Andy Carson, right, of York, and Scott Kincaid, of Elizabethtown, earned a 16th-place finish in doubles at the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Open Championships in Las Vegas.

Carson and Kincaid tallied 1,433 pins, 89 pins behind the top score of 1,522. Carson rolled games of 236, 236 and 255 for a 727 series, while Kincaid added games of 268, 205 and 235 for a 706 series. The duo each collected $1,433 for their efforts.

"It was an awesome experience," said Carson, a 41-year-old right-hander. "My adrenaline was pumping so much, I never slept that night."

Carson and Kincaid led the doubles division after posting their 1,433 total in March.    

Carson said a game plan was essential for success. "You only have three games to get it right, so you have to make the most of your chances. You have to catch lightning in a bottle."

The duo took an analytical approach to the game. They based their plan on their experience in the team event on Friday night, which they felt had a similar lane conditions to what would be used for the singles and doubles events on Saturday. They also gathered as much information as they could from bowlers who had competed on the singles and doubles oil pattern.

"The idea is to open up the lane condition to make it more favorable for your particular style," said Carson. "Cody Shoemaker, of Hanover, and Sam Cooley, of Australia, were bowling with us on the same pair, and they helped us change the condition."

Carson explained how the four bowlers accomplished it. In practice, they used resin bowling balls, which helped absorb much of the oil from the first three to five boards. When competition started, they switched to urethane balls, which typically hook on the front part of the lanes. But since much of the oil had been removed, they had more area to strike. If they missed right of the pocket, the ball hooked to the pocket. If they missed left, the ball held and finished in the pocket.

"Scott and I had fantastic looks, thanks to the game plan and help from Cody and Sam," said Carson.  

After opening with a 7-10 split, Carson filled every frame in the three games with a strike or a spare.

Despite his standout performance and top-20 finish, Carson laments the 10th frame of the final game.

"If I had struck out, I would have finished with a 279 game, and we would have probably finished in the top 10," he said. Instead, he posted a 7-pin spare and nine on the fill ball.  

Carson is already looking forward to next year's national tournament in Reno, Nevada. He plans to bowl with Kincaid again.

"I couldn't have bowled with a better partner than Scott," he said. "We created a great memory this year, and we're looking to create more."

Below are weekly bowling scores from the York area:

Suburban Bowlerama

Men: Tom Adams 300-823; Eric Smith 300-776; Matt Grove 775; Mark Fuhrman 754; Paul Wolfram 751; Taz Brice 743; Andrew Carl 741; Brandon Maxfield 740; Ben Marvel 740; Rob Richardson 737; Mark Sneddon 736; Mike Spangler 736; Chuck Crone 735; Nate Jameson 728; Robert Sage 726; Wayne Barnes 724; Mike Litz 724; Tyler Geesey 720; Bill Kuntz 719; Zonnie Glenn 716; Steve Heilman 715; Brandon Updike 713;  Mike Wolfrom 711; Nathan Perry 704.

Women: Steph Miller 728; Brittany Ilgenfritz 682; Beth Kostjal 651; Chyanne Shoff 626; Anna Myers 609; Brooke Meszaros 591; Dee Brown 582; Jessica Byerts 570.

Seniors: Steve Smith 796; Richie Wolfe 751; Trevy Taylor 734; Jeff Owen 727; Michael Chandler 719; Jeff Gibson 712; Terry Einsig 710; Dale Jolley 710; Gerry Briggs 686; John Riedel 664; Gregg Shive 661; Bryan Rohrbaugh 657; Mike Rutter 652; Doug Warren 640; Paul Grothouse 636; Jerry Neff 633; Kellie Matthews 629; Bob Weitkamp 625; Elmer Knaub 623; Chuck Lecrone 621; Larry Wolfe 621; Len Lewis 616; Rick Stine 612; Daryl Dietz 612; Steve Firestone 612; Joe Haberle 605; Sid Martin 600; Collette Daryman 529; Sandy Hoffman 525; Kathy Merkert 445.

Juniors: Cameron Taylor 727; Casey Jones 671; Landon Carl 623; Josh Wolfram 621; Evan Plessinger 592; Sen Daryman 589; Kailynn Jones 570; Skylar King 568; Conner Ebbert 542; Zach Peterman 536; Nicholas Gaumer 535; Mason Tauzin 533; Lathan Edwards 521; Login Ruby 519; Mason Nalls 517; Nolan Wolfrom 504; Brendan Smith 482.

Colony Park North

Men: Rick Graham 790; Jerry Owens 727; Kevin Hertzog 715; Denny Runkle 714; Kyle Lentz 712; Mike Spangler 712; Eric Harrold 300.

Women: Erin O’Dell 727; Brandy Waltersdorff 711, 692; Julie Carson 684; Chelsea Poff 649; Dee Brown 634; Shelena Paice 611; Jen Sparks 607.

Seniors: Larry Slenker 688; Bill Boughan 621; Ken Everhart 595; Frank Zentner 581; Craig Hertzog 570; Pat Hamilton 482; Corinne Delone-Ladd 466; Cheri Boughan 461; Helen Carpenter 440; Sharon Nerenberg 438.

Juniors: Blayze Denny 681; Bryce Kline 677; Jaxon Kohler 591; Adam Glatfelter 579; Ayden Ludwig 565; Emily Zeigler 518; Aaliyah Hall 416; Madison Williams 317; Jessi Dedad 317; Dani Kline 270.

Hanover Bowling Centre

Men: Wendell Yingling Jr 732; Will Starner 725; Rick Davis 722; Joe Davis 706.

Seniors: Charles Claggett 657; Ken Smith 617; Rick Davis 613; Jerry Prince 581; Dennis Negley 522.