New York bowler captures PBA East Region title

Barry Sparks
For The York Dispatch

Ryan Galli of Binghamton, New York, captured his first PBA East Region title over Memorial Day weekend when he won the non-champions tournament at Colony Park Lanes North.

The 33-year-old right-hander chalked up his second PBA East Region title on Sunday at the Pennsylvania Avenue center.

Chris Augenbaugh of Colony Park Lanes North, left, presents the PBA Bowlers Supply/Storm Open trophy to Ryan Galli of Binghamton, New York.  Galli earned $3,000 for the victory.

"I'm starting to like York," said Galli, who defeated Tom Sorce, of Balsdell, New York, 258-223, in the finals.  Galli collected $3,000 for the victory.

Cody Shoemaker, of Hanover, was third after 12 games of qualifying.  Anthony Neuer, a southpaw from Milton, Northumberland County, however, ousted him in the first round on Sunday.  Neurer posted wins of 243-186 and 264-191.  Shoemaker finished ninth and earned $700.

Galli defeated Neurer in the round of eight. 

 "This win was sweeter than my first one, which was against non-champions," said Galli. "I was going against the best guys today.  I had a similar look on the lanes that I had in May and that helped me.  I even used the same ball."

String of strikes: Although Galli trailed Sorce, 80-59, after the first three frames, a string of seven strikes helped him pull away.  The champ made a slight adjustment with his hand position after sparing in the second and third frames.

The seventh frame proved critical for Sorce, who finished runner-up for the second year in a row.  He pulled the ball and missed right, leaving the 1-2.  It was his second spare in a row, following a four-bagger.

 "After the spare in the sixth, I felt I had to strike out to either win the game or put pressure on Ryan," said Sorce.  "My shot in the seventh was a bad one, and it cost me."

Shoemaker was disappointed to be eliminated so early on Sunday.

 "I didn't bowl poorly, but I ran into a buzz saw in Anthony Neurer," he said.  "Anthony didn't give me much of a chance.  He rolled eight-baggers in both games.  It's frustrating because I beat him by 130 pins in 12 games of qualifying."

Shoemaker, however, took away a lot of positives from the weekend.  He continued his string of making the finals in PBA East Region tournaments and earning checks.  And, he remains a leading contender for PBA East Region Player of the Year honors.

Eric Smith, of Dallastown, finished 29th and collected $500, while Scott Schnur Jr., of York, placed 82nd.