Suburban Bowlerama team series record broken during 'electrifying' night at the lanes

The CYA team recently set the Suburban Bowlerama team series record. They are, from left, Jerred Poff, Chris Green, Jeremy Complese, Dave Woffington and Cody Shoemaker.

The high energy radiating from lanes No. 27 and No. 28 was palpable throughout Suburban Bowlerama.

Cheers of celebration, high fives and uproars of unbridled enthusiasm filled the center.

The CYA team of Jerred Poff, Chris Green, Jeremy Complese, Dave Woffington and Cody Shoemaker was enjoying a superlative streak that shattered the Suburban Bowelrama team series record and challenged the York County mark.

In the third game of the night, four of the team's five bowlers opened with strikes in the first seven frames. Three bowlers stretched their streak to the first nine strikes. The team averaged 265 for the third game and tallied 3,820 for the series on Wednesday, Dec. 8.

"We were on fire," Poff said. "It was an electrifying atmosphere and a wild night."

Woffington said the team realized about halfway through the third game that it had a chance for accomplishing something special.

"We were rooting each other on," he said. "Striking became contagious. It was a special experience, one that highlighted the dynamics of bowling as a team."

Poff set the pace with an 825 series, while Shoemaker was close behind with an 822.  Complese added a 764 and Woffington chipped in with a 712. Green contributed a 697.

The team erased the previous Suburban team record of 3,755, but fell shy of the county record of 3,847 set by the Hanover Bowling Centre team of Adam Mobley, Adam Baer, Josh Coleman, Dan Noel and Mike Staub in 2015.

"We didn't know what the Suburban record or the county record was that night," Shoemaker said. "But we figured we had a good shot at both of them. It was a fun night."

Complese said: "I think we got louder every frame. It was such an adrenaline rush."

"Instead of getting tight in the third game, we stayed relaxed, and I think that was a key. It was definitely a team effort," Green said. "I'm glad I was part of it."

Team members believe it's possible they'll get another shot at the county record.

Following are the game-by-game totals for the CYA squad that recently set the Suburban Bowlerama team series record at 3,820: 

Jerred Poff: 289-247-289—825

Chris Green: 196-254-247—697

Jeremy Complese: 248-254-247—764

Dave Woffington: 247-212-253—712

Cody Shoemaker: 276-257-289—822

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